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I will use this page to post updated connections that have been made by myself or others since the establishment of this website. It is the place to proudly boast the connections made through this page, or to post FAQ. Please be sure to check back here frequently to keep up to date and to offer comments.

February 2, 1998

First let me present a little history of this page.

This page was started by Lynette Renaud and myself, Raymond Reno. We both descend from Guillaume Renaud and Marie de La Mare's son Louis Renaud and his wife Magdelene Bédard. Similarly, most of the individuals who have contacted me in past months descend from this same group of ancestors. We descend from the Guillaume's great-great-granchildren who were born in the Windsor, Ontario region. Thus most of us are 5th cousins or closer with our branches of the tree splitting around 1800.

Since updating this website last week, there have been numerous visits from Renauds in Canada and the USA. While some of these also descend from Guillaume's son Louis, we are starting to locate individuals who descend from Guillaume's other children.

In the coming weeks, I will be presenting in this space lists of new contacts and shared stories. If there are stories about your ancestors that you would like to share with others, please send them to me, and I will post them in a link from this page.

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