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[new]Please send any queries to me via the email link below. I used to host this from the University of Notre Dame server when I was a professor there. Over the last five years, I have switched employer three times due to corporate mergers, etc. I am now in a position to try to get all the databases back up over the next few months. Stay tuned. I appreciate your patience in the interim. This has taken longer than I would have hoped.

Welcome to the Renaud Family Web Site. This site is a collaborative effort primarily of individuals from the separate branches of the Family Tree of Guillaume Renaud who was born in 1644 in Rouen, France, and served in the Carignan Regiment, but we are interested in many French-Candian family names. If you descend from this line, want to find out if you do, would just like more information, or would like to contribute information, contact Dr. Raymond R. Reno through E-mail or by phone at either 847-543-7369  or through mail at
347 Christine Lane, Hainesville, IL 60030.

You may also use the link below to submit a query regarding your Renaud ancestors as well as any other ancestors from the Detroit River region of Ontario.

Much of the information gathered here benefitted greatly from the assistance of the staff at the Marsh Collection Society in Amherstburg, Ontario.

At present the following links to Renauds are available. These sites are under construction. Continue to visit us as our association grows and our site continues to improve.

We welcome you to become a part of this site.

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My page dedicated to my Great-grandparents Jules Renaud and Rosalie Girard

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