Descendants of William Bolin (Bowlin) and Rena Rains

My great-grandmother was Serena Bowlin, who married James Franklin Huddleston. Most of the information that I have here came from Margy Ball Miles, (whose mother-in-law, Ada Huddleston Miles, was Serena's daughter), my mom (Norma Cupp Leach), and one of Mom's sisters (Mae Cupp Sharp).

Aunt Ada told Margy that Serena's parents were Tempie Vannoy and George Bolin. This is the information on Serena's death certificate as well. But for all Margy's searching, she hasn't yet found any record of Tempie and George's marriage. Tempie was first married to a Robert DAVIS and had three children; this was confirmed through marriage and census records. There was no record of Robert's death or of a divorce, so what happened to Robert? There were 11 years between Tempie's youngest child with Robert and her daughter Serena Bowlin; where was Tempie and to whom was she married in those years? Serena does not show up on the census as a child, so where was she raised and by whom?

The Bowlins are a Campbell County, Tennessee family. Pete Bowlin Straight, near Jellico, is called after one of family members. We know that some of the Bowlins also moved into Whitley, Pulaski, Laurel, Harlan, Bell, and Knox Counties, Kentucky. Margy has a site dedicated to these Kentucky counties, the Cumberland River Region. Be sure to visit!

Margy and I would love to hear from anyone with Bolen/Bolin/Bowlin/Bowling connections in Kentucky or Tennessee.

My direct line is in bold red.

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William Bolin
    +Rena Rains
    2  George Bolin  b: Abt 1850
        +Tempie Vannoy  b: Abt 1838  d: Bef 1873
          3  Serena Bowlin  b: 1869  d: February 1945
              4  Jack Edd Bowlin
                  +Nannie Mays
              +James Franklin Huddleston  b: January 07, 1870  d: January 28, 1953
              4  Jerry Huddleston
              4  Radie Huddleston
              4  Annie Huddleston
                  +Robert Watson
              4  Manse Huddleston  b: Abt 1896
                  +Luly Tuggle
              4  Rad Huddleston  b: Abt 1898
                  +Claude Smith
              4  Susan Huddleston  b: April 15, 1900  d: Abt 1993
                  +Rush Sharp  b: January 12, 1895  d: January 1978
              4  Fannie Ethel Huddleston  b: April 30, 1904  d: July 18, 1949
                  +Jesse Daniel Cupp  b: May 26, 1895  d: August 19, 1960
              4  Ada Huddleston  b: November 02, 1906  d: December 07, 1989
                  +Andrew Jackson Miles
              4  Oscar Huddleston  b: March 31, 1912  d: September 1979
                  +Ruby Smith
        *2nd Wife of George Bolin:
        +Eliza Bunch

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