The Faboo Ferrets Five

Hello all, welcome to the home of the Faboo Ferrets Five plus one

There are pics of us posted here. New Pics of all of us on the pic page....

To introduce us, in order.... Bear our panda male his older sister Gwenie, Hamlet a red eye white and Morgan a blaze. Cheerio a cinnamon and Frainie a white black eyes. Bear and Gwenie we got 2005 after Labor Day from a family that could not keep them anymore. Hamlet and Morgan came to us from a family that couldnt keep him anymore because their landlord said she couldn't even though she had paid the pet deposit, and lastbut not least Cheerio, a cute cinnamon girl a little speed demon who loves to climb her dad, Her family moved to where they couldn't keep her anymore. The newest Baby Frannie. Came to us from a girl that goes to UNC Chapel Hill, she couldn't keep her anymore. She is a white black eye that loves to climb and bite her dad.

Mom and Dad when they have time plan on doing pages for all the new ones hopefully after NCAA basketball season is over. Now that Dad has that camera for the pc he takes lots of pics of us.

Mom and Dad got us these Really Really kewl chew toys. WE LOVE THEM..... They are called Cheweasel. Their webpage is Hyperfur's Cheweasel Ferret Chew Toy. It's even safe for us to swallow and it's tons of fun to play with.

Now available... info on us!

coming soon new pages on all 6 of us and a memorial page to the others that have been here


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Fidget passed away on January 12, 1998.
Our little brother Moogle left us November 6, 1999.
our sister Pounce passed away on Oct 5th 2001. Our sister Winter passed away on August 9, 2002. Chewie passed away on August 17,2003 and Serina passed on Oct 3, 2003.Loki passes Sept 3rd 2004. Trixe July 9th 2005.Huney August 8 2006, Bacardi Jan 4 2007 and TA April 18. 2008. Leia August 4, 2008 We miss them terribly.
We always will love you, eleven.

This page is dedicated to the Faboo Ferrets 5 (and mom and dad). Also to our Big Brother Fidget,our little brother Moogle and our big sister Pounce, little sis Winter, Big brains of Trouble Chewie and Daddy's boy and Serina the QUEEN and momm'y girl, Loki mommy's boy and mister Trouble, Trixe daddy's little girl, Huney dad's little buddy and to Bacardi the Big Fat boy, to TA who was daddy's littel buddy and acted just like Chewie. To Leia even though she wasn't a ferret she was a Beagle. She was our sister. We loved her too she let us out of the cage to play and use the pc. Plus she would turn the tv on too. We are leaving Pounce's advice column as hers and Gwenie will start one of her own.

Dad's Page and Mom's Page

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