Hi I'm Missourigirl.
I signed up on 08/26/97 18:35:59, I am moving in today...8/28/97
Last updated on Dec. 5, 2001
Please bear with me as I slowly build this...
and please forgive the DUST!!!

Here is a pic that I took on my last visit to Missouri (5-1997), it is at Merimac Springs Park, just outside of St,James.


Here is a pic of me...
and my (spoiled)Siamese cat, Wings

It had been a few years since I updated this page....a few changes have taken place. I'll not go into all the gory details, but life is the best ever now.....Thanks to Our Lord and His generous blessings! I reckon I have to first mention the blessing of my dear husband, Philip, but the faithful love of God is the reason I have anything to smile about....trust Him and your life will be transformed:)

the love of my life:

Married 3-24-2001


Missouri is my home...tho I no longer live there.....
Home of my heart where I was raised
Enjoy this beautiful state with me,
meet me and my pets and friends

After spending 30 years of my life in So. California, my hubby and I have moved to Houston, Texas:).....we are enjoying our new home and might just stay here forever!


Here are links to my other two pages, have a look at them while I work on this one....thanks.....

Suzanne's Fantasies  (my new page, just started, about my love for fantasy...mostly Dragons!)
Suzanne's Page (about me and my critters!)

Suzanne's World (main index to all my websites)

Other links you may enjoy:

(some very nice work here! don't miss this one!)

BrokenDream's Homepage (something to think about, things are sometimes not real perfect in our lives...)

This candle and rose is a symbol to fight violence against women, follow the link
and add one to your page....
Women's Interet Association Presents: A Candlelight Vigil

(you will be rolling on the floor laughing!!!)

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