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Who is this little boy born today
on March 22, 1970.
It is your brother Rusty my mother said.
As time went by and Rusty grew,
he became the apple of his mother's eyes.
Who is this little boy named Rusty?

For 14 years, it was just the four of us,
mama, daddy, this little boy named Rusty and myself.
For Donna and Keith had left home
to have families of their own.
We fought and argued as most brothers and sisters do.
Fighting for our territory, our space,
Who is this little boy named Rusty?

At age 21, this little boy moved in with me,
to fulfill his dream,
to become a policeman.
Who is this little boy named Rusty?

In May 1994, this little boy named Rusty,
became a man named Russ.
He married the love of his life Joy,
and now the two became as one.
A new house was bought,
then the news "We're having a baby."
On April 3, 1996, a son was born.
This man was now a daddy.

One day in September would be so precious to me.
My brother Rusty and I spent the entire day together.
Neither of us knew what tomorrow would hold.

Then tomorrow came.
As I sat down to eat dinner,
a knock came at my door.
"What....something has happened to this little boy named Rusty?"
He's been injured I was told,
you must come now.

Pain, despair, anger!!!!!!!!!!
Where is this little boy named Rusty?
He is with his heavenly Father.
Who was this little boy named Rusty,
Who everyone now called Russ,
This little boy named Rusty,
MY HERO!!!!!!!

Micki Sorrow


Don't cry because you think I'm gone,
for I am with you still.
Don't seek reasons to explain
what is simply just God's will.

It's very hard to leave all of you
and everything I've known,
but my work on earth is done now.
Our Lord has called me home.

I know you will find comfort
Just let faith guide your way.
Cause, from the moment I was born,
I have been preparing for this day.

Remember me for the laughter,
that's the greatest gift we give.
Keep me in your heart and mind
because that's where I now live.

If ever you feel you need me,
you can close your eyes and see,
I'm still right here with you,
I'm alive in your memory.

Anne Ambrose

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