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Rusty was born on March 22, 1970 to J.C. and Claudia Sorrow. They had 3 children already and the youngest was 7 1/2 years old. They thought they had their family when Claudia found out she was pregnant. She couldn't believe it. Then Rusty was born. The oldest child was Donna who was 15, then Keith who was 13, then Micki who was 7.

James Russell Sorrow whom everyone called Rusty was very special to his mother. They had an unique relationship. He was the apple of his mothers eye and he was definitely the baby. Whatever he did, well it was alright with mama. He was only 3 when Donna left home then Keith left only 4 years later. It was just the four of us then, mama, daddy, Micki and Rusty.

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