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We Miss You Russ-You Are Not Forgotten!" 9/19/96

As of October 2009, Russ's webpage will no longer exist at Geocities. I will work on a new page and get it posted as soon as possible.
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The man who killed my brother was tried and convicted in October 1997. We wanted the death penalty for this animal. I really hate to give his name, because I don't want to give him any credit whatsoever. But I will, his name is Joseph Sheppard. We didn't get the death penalty, but he got life in prison without the possibility of parole. That's fine, I guess. My family believes in the death penalty, as did Russ. If anyone deserved it, Joseph Sheppard did.

-Micki Sorrow


James Russell Sorrow "Russ" was a Greenville City Police officer until September 19, 1996. He was killed in the line of duty that Thursday at approximately 4:45pm. He had just begun his tour of duty that day when he spotted a man wanted on a felony warrant. A foot chase began. He radioed continuously where he was and what was happening. Then he was injured. He had chased the suspect into a house where he was tripped by someone else in the house attempting to stop him. He got up and continued the chase.

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The suspect had hid behind a tin shed and as my brother approached,he ambushed him. He shot him twice in the face, once in the buttocks and then four more in the back of his head. My brother loved his job and did it well. He had one of the roughest beats in Greenville, SC and that's the way he wanted it. He was 26 years old, had a wife Joy, and a son, Matthew, who was only 5 months old. He was called Rusty by his family, but he was only known to others as Russ. Rusty was my best friend, not just my baby brother. I miss him so much it hurts. He is a fallen hero.

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