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We always take requests from potential adoptors, If you think you might want to add a kitty to your family please e-mail a request. Adoption screening and fees apply.
  • Whats new? * last updated MARCH 13, 2002
  • My Current Fosters: NONE
  • My moms: Tori and Penny Lane (Teacup poddle)
  • The Past; names, cat & kitten image archive more images.
  • Our Pets, meet our family
    (what does this mean?, how is it differnt form a "regular" foster?, how and who gets a rescue status?)
    Foster homes needed to rescue more cats E-mail for detials or call (613) 725-3166 ext: 360 (voice mail, leave a Message for Siobhan (pronounced Shivon) and be sure to mention it for the CAT RESCUE PROGRAM)

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  • How I started fostering
  • Foster Statistics (Number fostered, Adopted, Rescued etc.)
  • Rescue dogs (see Dogs rescue site)
  • Foster Program

  • Rescue cats -many looking for homes also see fostering a cat under rescue status )
  • DOGS both regular and rescue dogs up for adoption of all sizes and types.
  • What to do if you lost your cat?
  • What to do if you found a cat?
  • Why should "inside" cats get yearly vaccinations?
  • Why spay/neuter?
  • Why should your cat (even inside) have a mircochip and/or collar? (benifiets)
    Are you looking for a specific type of cat or dog? e-mail your request.
    Please indicate where you are located as even if you are not in our area I may know somone in yours with a cat matching your discription. Be sure to leave contact information (location, city/province/state, phone number with area code).

    Inquire about an specifics; colors, age/gender, personality, already declawed , traits or breeds (siamese, persian, himalayan, snowshoe, main coon, abbisinian, etc.)

    "Consider adopting an adult cat. An adult cat already has a fully developed personality, so you know what you're getting. Adult cats generally adapt just fine to new homes, and "bond" just as strongly with new owners as kittens do.
    Also, adult cats are much less likely to be adopted -- most people want to adopt cute little kittens."

    P.A.L. "Pet Adoption Location" currently 5 stores.
  • Super-Pet at Merivale
  • Pet Patch at Herongate
  • PetSmart at Innis
  • PetSmart at Merivale
  • Pet Food Plus in Kanata
  • Petcetara (new)
  • Poochies in Stisville (new)
    [pet shops that take in shelter animals so people can see and adopt them, the actuall adoption is done via the shelter and all money comes to them to help out other animals (and pay for vacciantions, spay/neuter and any medcations that animal was taking piror to adoption); it also helps the pet shop know the animals are healthy, have all their shots, will be spay/neutered, and the do not give an encouraging place for people to sell unwanted kitten/puppies. They take in both older cats/dogs and kittens/puppies.]

    ffohc cat guardian award

    Here are some WEBRINGS I am a member of.
    Tuli in air at 3yrs -now 6yrs Cats,Hedgehog, Mice,Turtle! Visit my fuzzy family
    About Jonny and Me (Siobhan)
    CatNip's Comics & Action Figure page!!
    Breyer horses/animals WANTED & For TRADE

    mail me here.

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