GRADE FOUR 1946 - 1947

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Row one: teacher: Evelyn Lewis, Donald Hughes, Dolores Riggs, Billy Joe Molnar, Johnnie Fleming, Lowell Reynolds, ?, Riley Fleming, Mary Ellen Hatton
Row two: Jerry Vaughn, Ginger McNeely, Bobby Wagner, unidentified, Ruth Ann Lester, Billy Roberts
Row three: Joyce Ann Elam, Wesley Martin, Irene Motto, Donna Childers, ?, Lucille Ellis
Row four: Earl Reynolds, Christine Mileto, Richard Trammell, Katherine Steele, Billy Lambert, Rachel Grover, ?, Charla Bourne, ?
Row five: Shirley Watson, Marion McKenzie, Francis Canellas, Charles Lee, Gloria Buckle,Carol Patton

Deceased: Evelyn Lewis(teacher), Billy Roberts, Richard Trammell, Billy Lambert


Front row: Ruth Ann Brickles, Martha Belle Darby, Eva Mae Newsom, Sue Hundley, Shirley Whisman, Barbara Chapell, Dorothy Justice, Imogene Guffey, Tennessee Vance, Alma Ward, Reba Lycans, Priscilla Bency

Back row: Donald Ray Triplett, James Midkiff, James Kenneth Freeman, Denny Bodnar, Thomas Ray Blankenship, principal Earl Hager, teacher Opal McDade, Vlade Gostovich, Jimmy Joe Demidenko, Elwood Walters, Jackson Childers, Bernard Canellas, George Forbes, Ray Albright, Donald Brickles, Barbara Taylor, Mona Fay Moore, Jean Fry, Patricia Ann Vankovich

Deceased: Imogene Guffey, Tennesse Vance, James Midkiff, Jimmy Joe Demidenko, George Forbes, Ruth Ann Brickles, James Freeman, Donald Brickles, Mrs. Opal McDade, Priscilla Bency, Earl Reynolds

The eighth grade class at Dehue School sponsored a banquet in the Dehue Civic Club rooms for twenty-nine graduating students. Spring flowers were used in the floral decorations, and the arrangements were flanked by lighted tapers. The dinner was served by the Dehue Civic Club and Home Room Mothers.

Guests signing the guest book were: Mr. & Mrs. Forest Darby, Mr & Mrs. Sims Hundley, Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Midkiff, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Vankovich, Mr. & Mrs. James Freeman, Mr. & Mrs. Vlade Gostovich, Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Curry, Mr. & Mrs. Frank McDade, Mr. & Mrs. Otto Tabor, Mr. & Mrs. E. Martin, Mr. & Mrs. David Whisman, Mrs. Ethel Snowden, Mrs. Nathan Taylor, Mrs. James Ward, Mrs. John Bency, Mrs. Cliff Brickles, Mrs. Earl Thomas, Mrs. Homer Triplett, Mrs. Tom McDonald, Mrs. James Forbes, Mrs. Robert Chapell, Mrs. Walter Albright, Mrs. George Pettit, Mrs. Andy Childers, Mrs. Lewis Vance, Mrs. Hubert Moore, Mrs. John Coleman, Mrs. Don Pettit, Mrs. Gabriel Canellas, Mr. Earl Hager, Mr. C.L. Russell, Mr. Dickie McDade, Mrs. Evelyn Lewis, Miss Jane Jefferys, and Miss Eva Harris.


Front row: Katherine Steele, Marian Mckenzie, Dolores June Riggs, Nancy Abbott, Gloria Buckle, Mary Ellen Hatton, Rachel Grover, Ginger Lou Mcneely, Mary Lou Hundley, Joyce Ann Elam, Vada Mae Christian, Frances Canellas

Back row: Billy Joe Molnar, Jerry Vaughn, Buddy Grover, Leonard Morrison, Curtis Ashley, Richard Trammell, Janice Michero, June "Johnnie" Fleming, Irene Motto, teacher Opal McDade, principal Earl Hager, Betty Davis, Charla Bourne, Patsy Dillo, Bobby Wagner, Billy Lambert, Glen Chambers, Delmar Ashley, Lowell Reynolds, Paul Clark

Deceased: Curtis Ashley, Richard Trammell, Billy Lambert, Delmar Ashley, Earl Reynolds, Buddy Grover, teacher, Opal McDade

Thirty-two Dehue eighth grade students received diplomas Thursday, May 24, 1951 during annual commencement exercises in the Dehue Civic Club rooms. A buffet dinner of tomato juice, turkey with dressing, green beans, potato salad, vegetable salad, rolls, ice cream and cake was served by the club following the exercises.

The invocation was given by Nancy Abbott; Bobby Wagner,class president gave the welcome; The Glee Club directed by Mrs. Mildred Coleman sang "Hear us Father as we Pray;" Rachel Grover read the class history; Patsy Dillo gave the class prophecy; and Marion McKenzie played a piano solo, "Welcome."

Mary Ellen Hatton gave a reading, "Giggling Lizzie," and Billy Lambert read the class will. A playlet titled "First Day of Kindergarten" was presented by Gloria Buckle, Ginger Lee McNeely, Mary Lou Hundley, Delmar Ashley, Bobby Wagner, Glenn Chambers, Janice Michero, Joyce Ann Elam, Billy Lambert, Dolores Riggs, and Katherine Steele.

Mrs. Frank McDade presented the class awards; Mrs. Ed Jolly, president of the Civic Club presented West Virginia Blue Books to winner of West Virginia Club tests; remarks were made by Mr. Virgil Curry, superintendent of Youngstown Mines Corporation, and Mr. O.G. Schwant, general manager of Hutchinson Coal Company; principal, Earl Hager presented the class with awards and diplomas.

Note: I love the middle names. They are so fifties. Remember the songs, Hello Mary Lou by Ricky Nelson, and Peggy Sue by Buddy Holly. However, when my mom called out Dolores June, I was usually in trouble.

Geraldine Frye - 4th grade 1938


8th grade 1942 - Bobby Watson & Geraldine Frye


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