The Memoirs of

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Journal, Part Six

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First month 7th, 1857. - Our Quarterly Meeting, at which we had the company of Nicholas and Margaret Brown, who were both favored in a close, searching labor in the Gospel. It was a favored meeting throughout.

14th. - Attended Scipio Quarterly Meeting to pretty good satisfaction to myself. In the meeting for business I called the attention of Friends to the importance of living up to the advices in the Discipline that some of us present had assisted in framing, and which we were giving to others; it seemed to produce quite a sensation, and some rather unguarded expressions were made, saying it would not do to introduce politics into our meeting. (I had said nothing on that subject). I found I was not wounded, and so made no reply and it soon passed over. I hope they may profit for the occasion.

17th. - Attended the funeral of a child of Truman Case. I had considerable service in the meeting, but did not get that relief which I was perhaps too desirous of.

William Clark appeared in supplication, and upon the whole it appeared to be a season of divine favor.

First month 21st. - Attended the funeral of the wife of Esquire Thomas, held at his dwelling-house. It was a large, solemn meeting, during the fore part of which I felt a great sense of poverty and emptiness, under which I was renewably brought to see the impossibility of man's doing anything of himself to advance the cause of righteousness or promote the glory of God. After waiting the Lord's time he gave me strength and ability to preach the Gospel to a very large and attentive congregation, and I believe many were reached.

Fourth month 1st. - Attended our Quarterly Meeting at Mendon, which was a season of Divine favor. There appeared to be much exercise for the promotion of truth. The principal part of the public labor in the ministry fell upon myself. Isabella Webster from Hamburg, wife of John Webster, appeared in the ministry - I think to the satisfaction of Friends; if she keeps not back part of the price, she may become an acceptable testimony-bearer. May the Lord send more laborers into his harvest.

20th. - A day of gloom without; the snow has been falling since meeting-time yesterday, and is of such depth as has not been known since the settlement of the country; it is supposed that in some places it fell to the depth of three feet or more. It is very hard on cattle, fodder being high and scarce.

After we had retired for the night, a messenger came from Henrietta to inform me of the funeral of Franklin Russell, to be held the next day at half-past eleven o'clock.

21st. - Started at three o'clock in the morning on foot to take the cars at Victor, the storm still raging and snow one foot and a half deep in the road; it was hard traveling, there being no track. I went forward and the young man followed four and a half miles, when we got some horses; reached the cars and the funeral in season. It was held in a Presbyterian meeting-house and was satisfactory.

23d. - Our Monthly Meeting at Macedon; at the same time as the funeral of Walter Newbury. A favored season.

26th. - A large and greatly favored meeting. My heart was opened by the "key of David;" it is the Lord's doings; may my soul keep humble before him and not presumptuously use his jewels.

28th. - Attended the funeral of Asa Calkins at Farmington South to satisfaction.

Fifth month 3d. - Attended the funeral of Alanson Sheffield at Farmington South; it was a very large meeting, and truly a season of divine favor; it seemed as if the windows of heaven were opened to the reaching and baptizing of the assembly. The subject was: "Blessed be the name of the Lord, for his mercy endureth forever."

Sixth month 28th. - Attended Macedon meeting in the morning, and had an appointed meeting at the Free Will Baptist house in Walworth in the afternoon, both of which were favored meetings.  There appeared to be a good deal of lightness with the young people before the meeting, but they became very thoughtful and attentive.

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