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Obituary Of

Captain Reuben S. Carpenter

(Born: October 1, 1821 - Died: June 27, 1898)

From the Madison County Times, July 1, 1898.

Reuben S. Carpenter

He died at his home 3/4 of a mile north of Chittenango Station at about 1 PM on Sunday last. Mr. Carpenter was born in the town of Hope, Montgomery Co., NY, Oct. 1, 1821. At the age of 19 he purchased his time from his father and started in business for himself. He was a stone cutter by trade and went to work for the state on the Black River Canal, where he worked about a year. Then he removed to Orwell, Oswego county, where he remained about 2 years. While at Orwell he was married to Miss Hannah Pennock (a sister of the late Ebenezer Pennock). From Orwell he removed to Three River Point where he resided about a year, removing from that place to Oak Hill. Here Mr. Carpenter was employed by Capt. Cady, one of the old pioneers of this town. When the Erie Canal was enlarged Mr. Carpenter removed to Bolivar where he had charge of the work of obtaining stone for the bridge and culvert at that place. From Bolivar he removed to his late residence north of Chittenango Station and lived there until the time of his death.

The "Squire" as Mr. C. was known hereabouts was in early life a Democrat, but became a Republican at the formation of that party and has been an active member. Some years ago (1880) he was elected Justice of Peace which was the only office he ever held.

About 2 years ago he was troubled with a complication of lung and kidney trouble which with the infirmities of age, proved too much for his naturally strong constitution.

The Squire will be missed much about the Station where he was a familiar figure. The immediate vicinity of the "Station" at the time he came here was practically an unbroken forest and Mr. C's reminiscences of the early days of his residence were very interesting. In 1863 Mr. C. went to the state of Ohio, remaining in that state until 1864, when he was employed by the U. S. Government as foreman (with the rank of Captain) in the Government ship yards at Chattanooga, Tenn., where he remained until the close of the war, since which time he has followed the business of carpenter and builder.

Mr. C. was the father of 8*, 5** of whom, George W. Carpenter, Mrs. Mathew Chapley, Mrs. George Bender, Mrs. Myron Olmstead and William E. Carpenter together with his wife and a brother Geo. H. Carpenter of Sheboygan, Wisconsin survive him. The funeral, which took place Tuesday at the Free Methodist Church, was largely attended. Rev. E. D. Carpenter of Rome officiating. Interment was made at the Fyler Settlement.

Grave of Reuben S. Carpenter (including information on the children of Reuben S. Carpenter).


Joseph Clark Carpenter was the first of nine children. He died just after his first birthday.


Actually there were 6 surviving children. The sixth was Harriet Francelia Carpenter Draper, who resided at Oconto, Nebraska at the time.

Thanks to Ken Warkentin for supplying this obituary!

The Carpenter Family Tree

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