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The Civil War Records of Pvt. Daniel Scantlin

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Claim for Widow's Pension,

With Minor Children

Brief in the case of Hannah Scantlin, widow of Daniel Scantlin, private Co. K 98th regt NY Vols, resident of Ontario County, and State of NY.

Post Office address, Canandaigua, NY


Service - The Adjt General reports Daniel Scantling enrolled Oct 10, 1861, mustered in Nov 28, 1861 and discharged by reason of expiration of term of service Nov 28, 1864. Name also appears as Daniel Scantlin.

Death - The late captain of the company testifies that the soldier contracted while in the line of duty some months before his discharge disease of the heart and throat, which continued until his discharge. Attending physician states that he died July 6, 1865, of disease of heart and chronic bronchitis.

Marriage - She alleges marriage June 15, 1839. The record of church at Boston verified by oath of clergyman, shows marriage of Daniel Scantlin and Honore Redigan. Widow makes an extra pension affidavits as proof of her identity.

Names and dates of birth of children - Jane born May 21, 1854, who will be 16 years old May 20, 1870. William born January 1, 1857, who will be 16 years old Dec 31, 1872.

No application for invalid pension.

Proof of ages - affidavit of witnesses present.

Loyalty - declared by oath.

Agent and his P.O. address - Jno S. Coe, Canandaigua N.Y.

Issue certificate for Eight dollars per month, commencing July 6, 1865, and two dollars per month additional for each of the above-named children, commencing July 25, 1866.

Jno D. Wilson, Examiner.

Passed: Nov 20th, 1867.

Approved: S. F. S.

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