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Edmond (Edward) Coon's

Letter of Civil War Pension Application

December 8, 1883

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State of New York

County of Monroe

Town of Perinton

Edward Coon, of the town of Perinton, County of Monroe, in the state of New York, to me known to be the same person, personally appeared before me, the undersigned, a Justice of the Peace, in and for the Town, County and State aforesaid, it above mentioned, who being duly sworn according to law, deposes and says, that he is the identical Edward Coon who enlisted at Palmyra, Wayne County, New York, as a private in company B, 160th Regiment, of New York State Volunteers, Capt. Underhill, Col. Dwight, in the month of September, 1862, for the term of three years, and was discharged at Baltimore, State of Maryland, on the 31st day of October, 1865.

My occupation for three years immediately preceding my enlistment, was first two years of the three, a Switchman on the Rail Road, at Palmyra, N. Y., and the past year of the three, I worked on a farm at Palmyra, N.Y. After being discharged from the army, I went to the town of Farmington, County of Ontario. N. Y., and commenced the raising of small fruits, which business I followed at Farmington for fourteen years. Then I moved to the town of Perinton, Monroe County, N. Y., where I now reside, and farmed it ever since. I left Farmington in the spring of 1899, and came directly here.

While in the army, and during the summer of 1863, at Brashear City, Louisiana, I was taken with Typhoid fever, which completely disabled me for three months, and for some ten or twelve months before recovering, was in the Barracks Hospital, New Orleans, for about one year, then transferred to the Invalid Corps, where I remained for perhaps 18 months. During my fever, I was treated by Drs. Powers and Armstrong, the Regimental Surgeons of the 160th Regiment of N. Y. State Volunteers. While in the Hospital, I was treated and under the charge of Dr. Baxter. About the time of my recovery from the fever, Chronic Diarrhea set in, from which I have never recovered.

While in the Hospital, I was transferred to the 20th, Veteran reserve Invalid Corps, and served in this until my Regiment was discharged in 1865, - Since then I have been trying to raise small fruits and farm it a little, during which time I have been treated first by Dr. Armington, formerly of Farmington, Ontario Co., N. Y. who treated me for about two years. Dr. Armington went into some of the Western States, - do not know what state, or whether he is now living. After this, Dr. Maine treated me for nearly two years, - do not know his place of residence now. The last we heard of him, he was in Webster, Monroe Co., N. Y. - From that time on I have been treated by Dr. Philips of Farmington, Ontario Co., N. Y. who still resides there. - Five years ago, I was confined to my house all winter, and said Dr. Philips treated me then. Extreme heat or cold brings the Diarrhea violently. For weeks at a time, I am unable to be about. I have performed some light manual labor on a farm since my discharge from the army, but have to be very careful or the chronic diarrhea will take me down for weeks at a time. Scarcely a day passes but I have more or less distress in my bowels and an unusual discharge from the pain.

My present Post office address is Egypt, Monroe Co., N. York, - where I have resided for the last five years.

Sworn to, before me,

this 8th day of December,

1883. -

Edward Coon

J. G. Aldrich,

Justice of the Peace

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