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"Up Early and Busy All Day"

The Diaries of Carl F. Smith & Marjorie O. Smith

July 1937

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July 1 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Down to store A.M.  Anne Scinta’s luncheon at Sagamore at noon.  Swanky affair.  I didn’t win prize.  Home to dinner.  Started packing.  Just had a nice dance with Carl.

July 2 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Rushed down-town shopping for odds & ends.  Left at 6 o’clock for Niagara Falls.  Children at beach.  Loretta home with baby.  Stayed at Wigle’s all nite.  Up early, met Dotys at Lewiston, and we six up to Wasaga Beach for wonderful week end.

July 3 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Up early.  Met Dotys, and we six up to Wasaga.  Dinner in Toronto at Child’s, arrived at Beach at 4 P.M.  Had a grand swim, and dressed for dinner and spent all evening dancing.  Wonderful orchestra.  Boys good dancers.

July 4 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up early.  Called on the Scotts at another hotel.  Bicycled all day.  Swam, danced, golfed, and everything.  Dancing at nite.  What I like best.  Retired late.  Called on Madame Henrietta.

July 5 - Monday - (Marjorie)

O, so much more from to-day.  Hate to leave to-morrow, tho I am very anxious to see children.  More lovely dances to-nite.  Ernie Doty & I jeeped & jeeped.

July 6 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Up early, and left for home at 10 A.M.  Another wonderful vacation comes to an end.  Dinner at Old Mill in Toronto with Marion & Buell.  Called on Tompkins; Pauline married.  Called on Dot & Bert.  Wonderful home.  Good to see them.  Arrived at Wigle’s at 8.  Had lunch and left for home.

July 7 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Loretta out.  Took baby down to cottage and down to store and shop for my bridge luncheon.  "We three" down to beach for swim & dinner.  Cool down there.  Home at mid-nite.

July 8 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Up early.  Plenty hot to-day.  12 girls for luncheon for Evelyn LeVine.  O, so hot.  Good time tho.  Down to cottage in evening.  Lovely evening.  Home at midnite.

July 9 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Home this A.M.  Washed, etc.  Now I am waiting for Carl & Buell for lunch, so I can go to store with them.

November 1937 | Table of Contents

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