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"Up Early and Busy All Day"

The Diaries of Carl F. Smith & Marjorie O. Smith

June 1937

July 1937 | Table of Contents

June 1 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Worked at store all day.  Home for dinner.  Rested & to bed early.

June 2 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Home to-day.  Loretta out.  Cared for baby.  Didn’t do much work.  Terribly hot to-day.  Leonora & Wally over for evening.  Pleasant game of bridge with Wally winning.  Served ice cream & cake.

June 3 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Down to store to-day.  Buell brought me home at 5 o’clock.  Stopped & got my beginner’s license.  To-nite Evelyn Saladin & myself to Movie Club at the Grohs on Thurston Rd.  Carl & Buell at Geneseo riding.  Home very late.

June 4 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Lunch with Ida Erwin to-day.  Down to store.  Plenty of work.  Home for dinner.  "We three" to see Robt. Montgomery in "Night Must Fall."  Very tiring.  Out to Ackermann’s for "hots."  Then home & to bed.

June 5 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Work to-day, beauty parlor, etc.  To-nite to Leonora’s for dinner of our eightsome.  Wonderful time.  Carl takes first prize, $1.00.  Buell gone to Falls.  His mother isn’t so well.  Madeline cared for children to-nite.

June 6 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Took children to Grand View Beach swimming to-day.  Up early.  Carl called for Loretta at noon.  Have the Ritzs, Kirchers, Tiefels, coming for dinner to-nite.  Played bridge.  I took $1.00 prize.  Edward showed movies; very good.  Buell home just before company left.  His mother feeling better.  Very tired to-nite.

June 7 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Helped Loretta this A.M., then for my first driving lesson with Buell teaching.  Sorry I didn’t start sooner.  Like it very much.  Doing nicely.  Carl & I over to Leonora’s to-nite for bridge.  Wally won.  Pleasant evening.

June 8 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

More driving lessons to-day.  Arline Davis’s baby died to-day.  2 days old.  Lovely girl.  Lunch with boys at Manhattan.  Buell & I to see "Mr. Deeds Goes To Town" with Gary Cooper.  Excellent.  Home to dinner.  Loretta out.  Buell caring for Bradley & Roger.  Carl & Ronald & I up to school.  Ronnie in play.  Parent-Teachers meeting.

June 9 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Home to-day.  Cared for baby.  Prepared dinner for Marie & Harry Kolb.  "Chatty" evening with a little bridge in between.  To bed very tired.

June 10 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Madeline’s birthday.  Down to store.  Worked all day.  Drove up to Geneseo with boys to-nite.  Carl’s horse would not behave.  Wanted to throw him - made me very nervous.  Carl only rode 1/2 hr. Cocktail at Avon Inn.  Supper at Manhattan.  Then home, feeling as if I were drawn thru knot-hole.

June 11 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Back to more driving lessons.  Getting along fine.  Buell’s Mother, Dad, and Aunt came unexpected this A.M.  We all had lunch to-gether at Sibley’s Tea Room.  Carl, Buell, and I had supper at "Stan’s" on Ridge Road, then to Newfane to get Marion.  Home at eleven.  Served lunch & to bed.  Had soda at Newfane.

June 12 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Up early, down to store and shopping.  Then Marion & I met Mayme Lee Odgen at 12 noon.  Lunch at Manhattan.  Chatty hour.  Beauty parlor.  Home dinner.  Put my little "honeys" to bed.  Dotys over for cocktails and "we six" to "Breaker’s" for eve.  Very pleasant.

June 13 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up early.  Prepared lunch while Carl took Roger to Madeline’s.  When he returned, Bradley, Ronald, Buell, Marion, & us to Stony Brook Park for dinner.  Broilers n’ everything.  Swimming, too.  Children enjoyed it.  Snake caught in water.  Started to sprinkle.  Home with children & to bed.

June 14 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Home until noon.  Pouring rain.  Carl & Buell called for me, had lunch at home.  Down to store in P.M.  Home to dinner.  Boys planted gladiolas to-nite.  Read a while and to bed.

June 15 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Down to store all day.  Driving lesson in P.M.  Dressed at store and to Marie Kolb’s for dinner.  Our eightsome with the Dotys.  I won second.  1 dollar.  Delicious dinner.  Marvelous time.  Home & tired.

June 16 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Loretta out to-day.  Home all day.  Prepared dinner for Ida Bulcholtz.  Chatted in evening.  Carl took Ida home about 1 o’clock.  To bed very tired.

June 17 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Down to store.  Rainy day.  Carl in bed all day with severe cold.  Felt better at nite, so "we three" to the Palace to see Taylor & Stanwyck in "My Affair."  Excellent picture.  Stayed for a preview of another picture with Martha Raye.  Fell asleep.  Home, made tea & to bed.

June 18 - Friday - (Marjorie)

School is out to-day.  Carl still in bed with cold.  Buell & I to store.  Carl came down at 4 for appt., then back home.  Mother & I to McCurdy’s, then to see Grandma.  Condition very poor.  The poor dear.  Home to dinner.  Made Charlie a birthday cake, and now I will have a cigarette.

June 19 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Down to store in A.M. Beauty parlor at noon.  Then home and dressed to Dot Doty’s cocktail party and out to Midvale for evening of dancing.  Good music.  Grand evening.  Home at two o’clock.  Children over to Mother’s.  Buell gone to the Falls.

June 20 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Father’s Day to-day.  Up at five-thirty.  Made cake, pie, cooked chicken, and off to Powder Mill Park with our children, Dad, Madeline, and Shirley.  Baby very good.  Lovely dinner.  P.M. Carl drove children down to Grand View for swim.  Loretta home at 6 to care for children.  Carl & I over to Kircher’s for dinner & cards.

June 21 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Another driving lesson to-day.  Did very well.  Home to dinner at nite.  Listened to Lux Hour and retired.  Mable had baby girl to-day.  Carol Jane.

June 22 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Driving lesson & to store for day.  6:30, Carl & I to Kolb’s for dinner.  A surprise eightsome.  Good dinner, lovely evening.  Louis won Championship from Beaddock; very exciting.

June 23 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Loretta out.  Home to-day.  Took Roger for ride to get strawberries.  Made 32 glasses jam; good luck with it.  Served in evening and retired.

June 24 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Driving lesson this A.M. To the store.  Home at 4 o’clock for lunch.  Out to Herberle’s.  The boys rode horseback with Viola, Art, & Babe, then to Ellison Park for hamburgers.  I drove home in dark - first experience.  Did O.K.  Grand affair.

June 25 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Ronnie leaves on Camporee this noon until Sunday nite.  Love to see him enjoy himself.  To-nite I dyed my culottes.  Turned out very good.  Buell prepared lunch for "we three."  Then we retired.

June 26 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Down to store in A.M.  Lunch with Carl & Buell.  Beauty parlor, then home in afternoon to dress to go to Breaker with the Pine Party.  Grand time.  Buell gone to Falls.

June 27 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Rainy morning.  Over to Mother’s for dinner, then to hospital to see Mabel.  Feeling fine.  Called for children at Mother’s, then home.  Ronnie returned at 4 o’clock from Camporee.  Exciting time.  To bed early.

June 28 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Buell home this A.M.  Took another lesson.  To-morrow the test.  I wonder?  Worked at store all day.  Evening "we three" to see "Another Dawn" at Palace with Kay Frances.  What a picture!  Had soda, and home to bed.

June 29 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Down to store all day until 4 P.M.  Took my test.  Didn’t hear yet.  Hope I passed.  Rushed home.  Had my eightsome for dinner.  Evening of cards.  Lots of fun.

June 30 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Down to store in A.M.  Loretta out.  Mildred here.  Permanent wave in P.M.  Home at 7 P.M.  Listened to Radio, ironed, etc.  Lunch & to bed.  Carl prepared lunch.  To bed.

July 1937 | Table of Contents

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