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"Up Early and Busy All Day"

The Diaries of Carl F. Smith & Marjorie O. Smith

May 1937

June 1937 | Table of Contents

May 1 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Down to store until noon, then home to help Loretta prepare dinner for my eightsome.  What a party, everyone enjoyed it.  Winners were Dottie Doty & Wally Nugent.

May 2 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up early (seven o’clock) and breakfast and out in the yard.  A beautiful day, so we decided to go on a trip for the day.  Took Roger over to Madeline - and Marj, the two boys, and I to Niagara Falls.  We stopped at the Chicken Roost to eat.  Then we went to Newfane and picked Buell & Marion up, and up to the Falls.  Came back and Marion made a lunch, and shortly after eight we left for home.  We drove with the top down, but put it up coming home.

May 2 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up early, and at 9:30 we decided to take baby to Madeline’s and other two boys to Niagara Falls.  Beautiful day.  Dinner at "Chicken Roost" near Batavia.  Supper with Buell & Marion at Newfane.  Marvelous day.  Children enjoyed it too.

May 3 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Down to store, spent all morning at dentist.  Then to Mother’s at 6 for dinner.  Evelyn Saladin asked me to sub in bridge club to-nite.  Carl left me off and got Ronald from scouts.  I didn’t win a prize.  "Can’t help it."  Dentist to-day.

May 4 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Elsie’s birthday to-day.  Gave her money.  Worked at the store to-day.  At 6 o’clock Carl & I over to Marie & Harry Kolb’s for dinner.  Evening of bridge.  Pleasant evening.  Finished with dentist to-day.

May 5 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Loretta out to-day.  Stayed home & cared for children.  Carl is riding at Geneseo to-nite.  To bed early with children.

May 6 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Down to store to-day.  Busy all day.  Carl & I to Rochester to see Gaynor & March in "A Star Is Born."  Technique color.  Splendid picture.  Then home.  Ronald had Scout Patrol meeting at our home.  Served ice cream & cake.

May 7 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Down to store.  Worked all day.  Home to dinner.  Finished dress and fox hair cap that I am wearing to-morrow nite.  Took a bath and retired.

May 8 - Saturday - (Carl)

We had a cocktail party for our crowd, and later to the Rochester Club to a Junior League party.

May 8 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Down to beauty parlor.  Home in afternoon.  Took children over to Mother’s for the nite.  Had cocktail party for 14, then to Rochester Club.  St. Mary’s Junior League dance.  Wore new yellow dress.  Fair party.  Terrible music.

May 9 - Sunday - (Carl)

Mother’s Day and Buell’s birthday.  He was 26 years old today.  Marj and I up late, and dressed and to church, and then over to Mother Bender’s for dinner.  The children were all over there.  The middle of the afternoon Marj and the children and I went for a ride, and I took a plant out for on my mother’s grave.  We came home and I worked in the yard, and then came in for lunch and to listen to the radio.

May 9 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

To-day is Mother’s Day.  Up at 9:30, dressed & to church.  Lovely sermon.  Mother’s for dinner.  Out to Pittsford Cemetery, Carl’s mother’s grave.  Stopped at Ogden’s with plant for Mother, then home with children.  Gave Mother leather brief case for to-day.  Sent plant to Grandma DeNero at Hosp.

May 10 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Down to store all day.  Plenty to do.  Carl & I took Ida Erwin to Manhattan to eat in new section.  Over to Ida’s, and Carl sang a song or two.  Home to dinner at nite.  Listened to Lux Hour & to bed.

May 11 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Stopped at Doc Leary’s this A.M.  Had eyes examined.  Home at noon.  Loretta out.  Eyes very weak from drops.  Retired very early.

May 12 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Down to store until noon.  Out to Oak Hill for breakfast at noon and fashion show.  Just fair.  Home to dinner, then to Horse Circus at Geneseo Armory with Art & Viola.  Pouring rain.  Show excellent.  The rest bored to tears.

May 13 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Down to store to-day.  Worked hard all day.  Home & dressed to go to Doty’s for our eightsome.  Excellent dinner & evening.  Carl won first prize, 1 dollar.

May 14 - Friday - (Carl)

Up early and busy all day.  Home at four o’clock and dressing, and off for Newfane to see Marion’s Operetta, "The Pied Piper of Hamlin."  It was a huge success.  We all enjoyed it.  Bradley went with Marjorie and I.  We all went over to Marion’s apartment after the show and had cake and ice cream.  Marion’s birthday was today.  She received some lovely gifts.  We left by 10 o’clock our time, and made good time coming home.  I did not get sleepy.

May 14 - Friday - (Marjorie)

To the store all day.  Left the store at 4:30, picked Bradley up at home & the three of us on to Newfane to enjoy the Operetta Marion staged.  It was her birthday, and Buell’s mother sent birthday cake & ice cream.  Party at her apartment with gifts from her folks.  Home at 12 P.M.

May 15 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and very busy today.  Home at six o’clock, and Buell and Marion there.  We all dressed, and over to the Doty’s for cocktails and then to the Rochester Club to a supper dance.  We had a grand time.  Home about 2:30 and we all to bed.

May 15 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Down to store until noon.  Then to beauty parlor and home.  Buell & Marion arrived at 6 o’clock.  Had a bite and dressed.  Over to the Doty’s for cocktails, and we six to the Rochester Club dinner dance.  Final party for season.  Ernie’s birthday.  Lovely time & dinner.

May 16 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up about nine o’clock, and Marjorie and Marion had gone bicycling, so Buell and I went to drive off some golf balls, but could not find a place open for business.  So we drove around and saw some new homes, and came home and bought some plants, and Buell and I planted same, and then the girls and we sat in the yard until dinner was ready.  Later we all went for a ride, and came home and had a lunch, and Buell left with Marion for Newfane.

May 16 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up early.  Marion & I over to the park at 8:30.  Bicycle for 1 hour.  Home, and bathe baby and to bed.  Dinner for all, then down to the beach for a ride with baby.  Stopped at Ritz’s to see yard.  Home again.  Lunch, and Buell took Marion home and came back to stay and work for Carl.

May 17 - Monday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and Buell started to work for us today.  Out to lunch together to Eddie’s Chop House.  Home at six o’clock and had dinner, and we all stayed in for the evening.

May 17 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Down to the store, stopped at Doctor’s about my eyes.  Pouring rain.  Embarrassed to death asking bus driver to take nine cents; all I had.  If it hadn’t been raining, I would have walked.  Just another one of those things.  Over to Ida Erwin’s to-day.

May 18 - Tuesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and very busy all day.  Home at six o’clock, and Marj and I to the Rochester Theatre to see "Girl Chases Man."  I did not care for it.  Too silly!  Home, and Loretta and Buell sitting in the parlor reading.  Had a bite to eat, and all off to bed.

May 18 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Worked hard at the store all day.  Home to dinner.  Carl did invite me to the movies.  Slept all thru show.  Home & to bed.  Met Mother at noon, had lunch and went to see Grandma.  Took her diabetic food.  Mother & I talked - feeling better of many things.

May 19 - Wednesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all day.  Buell and I out to Manhattan for lunch.  Home early, and dressed and over to Scott’s for dinner.  Had a lovely meal.  Bunny sure is a swell cook.  Scotty served a couple of drinks.  Came home early both very tired.  Buell went out to visit a friend of his that lives at the Apollo Apts.

May 19 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Stayed home to-day to clean cellar & garage.  Played with baby in P.M.  How I love it, and can’t very often.  Dressed and waiting for Carl to call for me to go to Scott’s for dinner.  Pleasant evening.  Home early and to bed.

May 20 - Thursday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and out collecting a lot of storage.  Mrs. Donald Woodward in and left her order for making over her caracal coat, and paid for same in advance.  Buell and I out to Geneseo to ride and I rode Black Night, and I did not seem to be jumping so good to-night.  Buell seemed to get on a good one.  We went up to Geneseo later for something to eat, and came home by 12:30.

May 20 - Thursday - (Carl)

Home to-day.  Loretta out.  Took baby for walk up to Bertha’s this P.M.  They have new puppy.  Baby liked him.  Carl & Buell riding to-nite.  Alone with children.  Listened to Major Bowes and to bed.

May 21 - Friday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and very busy all day.  Marj and I home early to dress, and over to Mamie Lee Ogden’s for dinner.  Boy, it sure was a swell dinner.  I enjoyed same very much.  We sang a little and then talked for a while, and then came home.

May 21 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Down to store to-day.  Beauty parlor in afternoon.  Home, dressed and over to Mayme Lee Ogden with Carl for dinner.  Dr. P. was there.  "Par excellent" dinner & evening.  I feel sorry for Mayme Lee.

May 22 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and very busy all day.  Very warm all day.  Buell and I out to lunch, and home at six o’clock, and Mr. & Mrs. Wigle and Marion there.  We sat in the yard for a while and then in to a lovely dinner.  After dinner we all sat in the living room and Marjorie showed some movies.  About eleven we all retired.

May 22 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Down to store to-day.  Worked until noon.  Evelyn Saladin & I rode bicycle at South Park in afternoon.  Then home, and Mr. & Mrs. Wigle and Marion arrived at 6 o’clock.  Had supper and an evening of moving pictures and chatting.  Retired.

May 23 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up at nine o’clock, and breakfast with Mr. & Mrs. Wigle, Buell & Marion, and Marj and the boys.  Out in the yard, and then taking Mr. and Mrs. Wigle, Buell , & Marion for a ride through the parks.  It was a beautiful day, although the air was rather chilly.  The yard was beautiful, at its very best today.  Marj took some movies of the yard, and late in the aft. we all went for a ride through South Park.  Home, and Mr. & Mrs. Wigle left for home.  Marion & Buell stayed and had a lunch and listened to the radio and they left for Newfane.  Marj and I retired early very tired.

May 23 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up early with baby.  Carl took the Wigles to see lilacs in Highland Park in A.M.  After dinner I took movies out in yard.  Flowers are gorgeous to-day.  The Wigles left at 5 P.M.  Buell took Marion home at eight.  Very pleasant week-end.

May 24 - Monday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all day.  Buell and I down to Kodak with some film to be developed that Marj took Sunday of the yard.  Home at five thirty and having dinner, later taking Ronald up to school to a meeting.  Buell and I drove over to Scottsville Rd. and drove some golf balls.  Home, and listened to the Radio and later took a bath and retired by midnight.

May 24 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Home this A.M. to help Loretta with work.  Down to store at noon.  Worked hard in afternoon.  Home to dinner.  Carl & Buell gone to golf driving course.  Retired early.

May 25 - Tuesday - (Carl)

Up at eight o’clock and eating breakfast, and to the store.  Marjorie out and shopping, and Buell taking her out on East Ave. to meet Marie Kolb.  She, Marie, & Dot Doty to a bridge party at Midvale.  Buell and I out to the Manhattan to lunch.  Back, and worked until four thirty, and home with Marj and Buell.  Buell & I changed our clothes, and out to Herberle’s and had a nice ride.  Home and had spaghetti supper.  Ronald is 12 years old today.  He had some friends in for dinner and games.  I took the boys home and came home and read.  Marj has her eyeglasses today.

May 25 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

My dear son Ronald’s birthday to-day, 12 years old.  Down to work until noon.  Then to Midvale Breakfast & Bridge with Marie Kolb & Dot Doty.  Did not win prize, nice time.  Called for my glasses at 5 P.M., then home.  Ronald had eight boys for a spaghetti dinner.  They all enjoyed themselves.  He received many gifts.  Carl & Buell horseback riding.

May 26 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Home to-day.  Loretta out.  Buell called for baby, Bradley & I , and we rode down to Kodak Park to get colored pictures we took Sunday.  Pouring rain.  Showed pictures to-nite.  Turned out excellent.  Going to bed now, feeling good.

May 27 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

My dear Mother’s birthday.  Down to the store in morning.  Met Mother and took her to lunch in the new section of the Manhattan.  Back to work until 6.  Then out to see Aunt Emma on bus.  She feels some better.  At 8 o’clock to see "Romeo & Juliet" all alone.  Carl & Buell went to Geneseo riding.  Picked me up at mid-nite.  Terrible fog to-nite.

May 28 -Friday - (Marjorie)

Down to work to-day.  Accomplished a lot of work.  Home to dinner.  Rested & to bed.

May 29 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up early, and to the store and out getting storage, and to lunch with Buell and left him at Clinton and Main.  He took the bus home and then drove up to the Falls to spent the weekend with his Father & Mother.  Marjorie and I home at six, and dressing and over to the Nugent’s to a cocktail party, and then out to a party at Oak Hill given by Herb & Basil Kircher.  They joined Oak Hill Club.  We had a grand time.  Marjorie wore her white lace again.  She looks so beautiful in white and especially so in this outfit.  I won $4.00 in the quarter machines.  We home by two o’clock and to bed.

May 29 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Down to store for a while, beauty parlor, etc.  Then Carl & I dressed, and over to Leonora’s for cocktails.  Out to Oak Hill’s Formal Dance.  Kircher invitation.  Ritzs, Tiefels, Kirchers, Nugents & us.  Wonderful music, and grand time was had by all.

May 30 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up at nine o’clock, and down to breakfast and out in the yard until one o’clock.  It was a grand day, but very hot in the sun.  A lunch with Marjorie, and then she and Roger over to Mother Bender’s for the afternoon.  We - Marjorie, the boys, and Madeline & Shirley - went for a ride past the Circus grounds and then down to Grand View Beach.  Back to Mother’s and had a lovely dinner.  Then home, and Buell, Marjorie, & I to the Rochester Theatre to see "Night Must Fall" with Robt. Montgomery.  We left before it was over.  Home, and stopped at Case’s and had sodas.

May 30 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Loretta out.  Up early.  Carl worked in yard all morning.  Over to Mother’s for dinner with children.  Took them for ride to lake in P.M.  Then put baby to bed at Mother’s and left children there all-nite.  Buell returned from Falls at 7:30.  "We three" to Rochester Theatre, Case’s for soda.  Home & to bed.

May 31 - Monday - (Carl)

We all up early, and breakfast and packing to go to Dansville for the day to play golf.  We put the top down, and boy, it was a hot day.  We played nine holes and had an enjoyable game.  After golfing we drove over to Stony Brook Park and made a fire and cooked steaks and had a grand meal.  It is a fine place for a holiday.  They have a grand swimming place and plenty of tables & fire places.  We came home and over to Mother’s, and bringing the boys home, and listened to the Radio, and at ten Marjorie served a lunch.  We are all three terribly sunburned.

May 31 - Monday - (Marjorie)

"We three" up early, and top down in car, we drove to Dansville.  Played nine holes golf.  Over to Stony Brook Park for steaks and lunch on the grill.  Saw Bill Snieder & Margaret Hall.  Took pictures.  Called for children at 7 P.M.  Home tired out and terribly sunburned.  Lovely day.

June 1937 | Table of Contents

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