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"Up Early and Busy All Day"

The Diaries of Carl F. Smith & Marjorie O. Smith

April 1937

May 1937 | Table of Contents

April 1 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Up & down to help Carl to-day.  Over to Regent at 6 o’clock.  Then Eve & Eddie picked me up at K of C at 8 o’clock.  Took me to join Flower City Cinema Club.  Very interesting.  Home at 1 A.M.  Tired & to bed.

April 2 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Down to store to help Carl to-day.  Lunch with Dot Doty at Peacock Room.  Back to store.  Then home for dinner & retired early.

April 3 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all day.  To the Chiropodist to have my foot treated.  Felt swell afterwards.  Late lunch today.  Ate at the Manhattan.  Home at six o’clock, and Buell & Marion here for the weekend.  Light supper, and dressing, and to Marie Kolb’s for a cocktail.  She had too large a crowd.  We went to the Seneca Hotel ballroom later to a supper dance.  We all had a grand time; the music was good.

April 3 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Down to help Carl in A.M.  Home at noon so Loretta could go to Hosp.  Buell & Marion arrived at 5 P.M.  Had clam chowder, then Buell took me to beauty parlor.  Then Carl, Buell & Marion called at 8:30 with orchids & to Kolb’s cocktail party.  Then to Hotel Seneca supper & dance.  Nice time.

April 4 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up early, and took Loretta to the bus in Buell’s car.  Back home, and to bed again until eleven o’clock.  Up and had breakfast, and all sat around and read and played piano.  Buell & I down to Jack’s for my daily shave, and home and dinner ready.  We all out for a ride in the afternoon around the parks, and ended up at Highland conservatory.  The flowers were beautiful.  Saw a pink Camilla bush in bloom.  Home, and sat around and talked and listened to the Radio.  Marj made a light lunch about seven thirty in the parlor.  Buell & Marion left for home early.  Another grand weekend.

April 4 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up early and cared for baby.  Dinner with Buell & Marion, then to High Park Conservatory.  Home again.  Lunch in living room.  Marion & Buell left at 8 P.M. for home.  Lovely week-end.

April 5 - Monday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store with Marjorie.  Not very busy to-day.  Home at six o’clock to dinner, and later to the Rochester Theatre to see "Maytime."  A wonderful picture.  Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald sang as they never sang before.  It was grand.  Home at ten thirty, and took Loretta over to Sawyer St. to see Russell Mole’s people.  Russ died this afternoon at two thirty.  Although we expected it any day, it still was a terrible shock.  I took Loretta to her own home afterwards, and came home and went directly to bed.

April 5 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Down to store in afternoon.  Loretta called at 5 P.M. to tell us Russ died.  Very sad case.  We went to see "Maytime" with Eddy & MacDonald.  Then Carl took Loretta home until after funeral.

April 6 - Tuesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store with Marjorie.  Madeline came over today.  Marj went to Oak Hill to a luncheon and bridge today.  I took her over to Marie Kolb’s, and she went there with Marie.  Wrote a letter to Buell.  Marj came at six o’clock, and we came home to dinner, and later went over to see Russell Mole.  I did not feel good today, so went to Dr. Leary and he strapped my feet and gave me a treatment.  Felt better afterwards.

April 6 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Madeline came to care for baby to-day.  I went to bridge luncheon at Oak Hill.  Lovely time.  Then home to dinner.  Dad & Madeline left as soon as we returned from seeing Russ.  To bed tired.

April 7 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Home to-day.  Loretta away until after funeral of Russ.  Cared for baby, and prepared dinner for Marie & Harry Kolb.  We then played bridge & chatted.  Lovely evening.

April 8 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Madeline over to-day to care for Roger until five, when Loretta returns.  Russ buried to-day.  I went down to store with Carl, then home to dinner and over to Regina Maloney’s personal shower for Katherine Klee.  Lovely time was had by all.  Carl called for me at 12:30.  Won 2nd prize.

April 9 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Down to store.  Worked all day on my spring clothes and odds & ends.  No gym to-day.  Have an abscess on lips under nose.  Miserable feeling.  Unexpectedly asked to sub. in Leonora’s dessert bridge.  Carl & I each won fifty cents.  Grand time.

April 10 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all day.  Marjorie to a luncheon & bridge for Katherine Klee given by Virginia Ritz at the Home Dining Room.  I bought a new hat and scarf when out on my lunch hour.  Left the store at five and to the barber shop, stopped at Perry’s for flowers, and home and getting baggage, and down to Virginia’s and picking Marjorie up, and off to Niagara Falls.  Made good time, and greeted by Buell & Marion.  Mrs. Wigle served tea & cake, and then we dressed, and all four of us went next door for a cocktail.  Afterwards we all went down town to a dance at the Red Coach Inn.  We all had a grand time.

April 10 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Rushed to beauty parlor this A.M., then to luncheon & linen shower for Katherine Klee by Virginia Ritz at Allen’s on East Ave.  No prize for me.  Carl called for me at Virginia’s at 6:30 and we drove to N. Falls.  Face bothering.  Arrived at Wigle’s 9:15.  Cocktail party next door, and then to Red Coach Inn dance with Buell & Marion.  Stayed at Wigle’s all nite.

April 11 - Sunday - (Carl)

Slept late.  Up, and light breakfast and a splitting headache.  We all went for a drive and saw some fine homes.  Came back home and left Mr. & Mrs. Wigle out, and went over to pick Marion up at her home, and we all drove over to Goat Island.  It was a beautiful day, but the wind was very strong.  Back home to the Wigle’s, and had dinner and my favorite dish, baked ham.  After dinner we sat around and Buell & I shaved, and then Marion played and I sang, but my throat bothered me so much that I could hardly sing.  Mrs. Wigle served supper, and shortly afterwards we left for home.  Buell led the way and gave us a start on the best road home.  Gee, I had a swell time.

April 11 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Rested this morning.  Face still troubling.  Drove around Falls at noon, then Mrs. Wigle prepared a lovely dinner.  Carl sang & we chatted.  Mrs. Wigle prepared oyster stew.  Delicious!  We left for home at 7:30.  Glorious week-end, even with sore face.

April 12 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Helped Loretta.  Wash day.  Then stopped in Dr. Leary’s.  Prescribed for my face.  Down to meet Virginia.  We selected card table & chairs for K. Klee wedding gift - very nice.  Home to dinner, then Carl & I to see "Seventh Heaven" with James Stewart & S. Simon.  Very enjoyable.

April 13 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Down to store all day.  Stopped over to new Rundell Library.  Took out some books on scenario writing.  Home for evening.  Loretta out.  Retired early.  Face still sore.

April 14 - Wednesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store by nine o’clock.  Busy all day.  A beautiful sunny day.  Home at noon for lunch, and Marjorie and I back down town.  To the barber shop, and meeting Ed Ritz at Eddie’s Chop House for dinner.  After dinner to Francis Maloney’s brother’s house to a stag party for Francis.  They played poker and I lost, and at the end of the game I won back what I lost.  They served a lovely buffet luncheon, and Marjorie came from Leonora Nugent’s party, and we both home and to bed very tired.

April 14 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Home this A.M. Madeline came at 1 o’clock to care for baby until Loretta returned at 5 o’clock.  Carl came home for lunch and took me down to store.  Virginia picked me up at 7 P.M., and over to Leonora’s to supper shower for K. Klee.  No prize for me.  Carl to stag party for Francis.  Then home at 1:30 A.M.

April 15 - Thursday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and raining nearly all day.  Teresa Barrettone came to the store, and I came home to a birthday party for Roger.  He is one year old today.  Marjorie had a lovely lunch.  Her mother and Bradley had lunch with us, too.  Took Teresa home at four o’clock and stopped to see Mrs. Wile.  She looked grand for her age and what she has been through.  Home for dinner by seven, and later listened to Major Bowes program and it was very good.  To bed by eleven o’clock.  Very tired.

April 15 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

My baby Roger’s birthday, 1 yr. old.  Home, and feeling too miserable to go to movie club.  Retired early.  Teresa Barrettone & Mother for lunch to-day.  Birthday cake & everything.

April 16 - Friday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all day.  Out to Eddie’s Chop House for lunch.  Rather cool today.  Had a haircut, and back to the store and working until 5:45, and out to get a manicure.  Marjorie left the store early to go to Dr. Leary’s about her nose.  I picked her up, and we both home for dinner.  Eight o’clock we went up to the school to see a play given by the PTA with Ronald & Bradley.  It was very entertaining and well done.  We came home by 11:30 and had a lunch, took a bath, and to bed.

April 16 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Down to store and plenty to do, then to Doctor’s at 6 o’clock and he dressed my face.  To-nite to W. T. school to see PTA play "George Is In A Jam."  We took Ronald, Bradley, & Corey boys.  Very good.  Stayed for 1 dance and then home & to bed.

April 17 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up seven o’clock today, and leaving the house for the store by eight o’clock.  Left Marjorie at store and I took the car to be washed, and then to the barber shop.  Back to the store, and Marjorie and I to St. Boniface Church to see Katherine Klee and Francis Maloney married.  Katherine looked beautiful.  Later to Oak Hill to a wedding breakfast.  There were forty guests and a wonderful time was had by all.  Marjorie took some movies.  Later we went to the Klee home and saw their gifts.  At 3:00 o’clock we left for the store.  Marjorie went to the beauty parlor.  At six home for dinner, and dressing formal, and out to the Doty home for a cocktail, and all four to the Auditorium to see "Dead End."  Later to the Peacock Room.

April 17 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Klee & Maloney wedding to-day.  To the church at 9:30. Oak Hill Country Club Breakfast at 11.  Then over to Klee’s to see wedding gifts.  Gorgeous!  Had wine & wedding cake.  Bride was exquisite in Chantilly Lace carrying Celli lilies.  A sight to remember.  Then rush home and dress.  To the Doty's by 8 for cocktails.  To the Auditorium to see "Dead End".  Extraordinary!  Peacock Room and home.

April 18 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up at eight and as it was raining, I half-dressed and took Loretta to church.  I came home and went to bed until eleven o’clock again, after eating breakfast.  Up and dressing, and over to Mother Bender’s for dinner.  Home at three o’clock and worked in the yard.  Gee, it seemed good again.  A dreary day all day and very damp.  Worked in the yard until seven, and then came in and took Joan & Shirley home.  Came home and had a lunch in the parlor and listened to the radio.  To bed early.  Very tired.  Seem tired all the time lately.  Am going to the doctor again tomorrow about my tonsils.

April 18 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Loretta out.  Over to mother’s with children for dinner.  Home at 3 with Joan & Shirley.  Made fudge for children.  Gave them lunch at 7 o’clock, and Carl took girls home.  Listened to radio & to bed.

April 19 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Home until eleven minding the baby while Loretta did laundry work.  Down to store.  Six o’clock Carl & I to see Harlow & Taylor in "Personal Property."  Fair.  Home, had dinner and to bed.

April 20 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Down to store.  Worked all day.  Over to K of C at 5 o’clock.  Home to dinner.  Retired early.

April 21 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Down to store all day.  Still raining hard.  Over to Mable’s for dinner.  Carl & Ralph to play "Badminton."  Mable & I visited.  Home at 11 o’clock & to bed.

April 22 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Home to-day.  Loretta out.  Cleaned children’s closet.  Baby was very good.  Carl didn’t come home for dinner.  He went to movies.  Listened to Major Bowes and to bed.

April 23 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Down to store all-day.  Over to K of C at 5 o’clock.  Home to dinner.  Listened to radio, took a bath & to bed.

April 24 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and very busy all day.  To Eddie’s Chop house for lunch.  Home at six o’clock for dinner, and to see "The Clinging Vine" at the Community Theatre.  Very good play.  Mrs. Howley Ward was in it.  After the show, we went for a drive out East Ave. to Pittsford, and home by way of Monroe Ave.  We had a lunch in the parlor, and to bed.

April 24 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Down to beauty parlor.  Met Bradley at 11:30. Had lunch, and went to Eastman to see "Mrs. Wiggs Of The Cabbage Patch", then had ice cream soda and home with "Daddy."  At nite, Carl & I to see "The Clinging Vine" at Com. Players.  Then took a ride & home.

April 25 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up nine o’clock, and working in the yard until twelve thirty, and in for dinner.  Henry came and we decided to have Loretta’s room papered.  Took a nap in the afternoon and up by five o’clock, and dressing for dinner at Tiefel’s.  We picked Ed & Virginia Ritz up and later we picked Herb & Basil up and over to Tiefel’s to a delightful dinner.  We played cards, but I had rotten luck all evening.  Just not my lucky day, I guess.  We left early taking our friends home.  To bed and very tired.

April 25 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Home to-day.  Loretta out.  Henry & Dorothy came at noon.  We selected wallpaper for Loretta’s room.  Carl working in yard all day.  Loretta home at 6.  Carl & I called for Ed & Virginia, Basil & Herb, and over to Tiefel’s for supper & cards.  Lovely evening.

April 26 - Monday - (Carl)

Up and to the store and busy all day.  To Eddie’s Chop House for lunch.  Very busy with storage coming in now.  Started Mrs. Spurr’s black caracal remodel.  Home to dinner at six o’clock and took Ronald up to school for Scouts, and Paul to Mother Bender’s.  Picked Evelyn Salladin up, and down to the Turnverin to a Minstrel Show.  It was very good.  Enjoyed it much.  We went downstairs after the show and had a drink and something to eat.  We danced and had a real good time.  Home late and to bed.

April 26 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Started house cleaning, Paul over to help.  In the evening Carl & I down to Turnverin to Minstrel with Evelyn Saladin.  Eddie was in it.  Very good.  After show down to the Grill, met Viola Burns & Art.  Had cocktails & sandwiches and a dance.  Nice evening.

April 27 - Tuesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and out to get storage.  Had a terrible headache, so being near Mable & Ralph’s I stopped in for something for it.  Mable was down town.  Ralph invited me to stay for dinner.  I did, and enjoyed it.  Home to dinner, and later took Ronald and Paul to the Turnverin to see the Minstrel Show.  Marj and I to the Palace.  Fair show.  We both sleepy.  Picked the boys up, and home, and had a hot drink and to bed.

April 27 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

More house cleaning, also a little work at store.  In the eve. Carl & I called on Charlie, and then left Paul & Ronald at the Minstrel, and went to see Marie Hopkins in "The Woman I Love."  Called for boys & home & to bed.

April 28 - Wednesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store.  Marj home and cleaning all day.  Not very busy today at the store.  Worked on Mrs. Spurr’s coat all day.  Home at six o’clock, and worked in the yard and then in for dinner.  Read the paper and listened to the Radio, and to bed eleven o’clock.  Wrote a letter to Buell today.

April 28 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Home to-day.  Loretta out.  Cared for baby and did some cleaning & baking.  In the evening listened to radio & to bed.

April 29 - Thursday - (Carl)

Up at seven thirty today and working a little while in the yard.  To the store alone and working on Mrs. Spurr’s coat again.  Marj came down on the one o’clock bus, and I out to the barber shop and to the Manhattan for lunch.  Back to the store, and home to work in the yard.  Marj came on the six o’clock bus.  Dinner at seven o’clock, and we all listened to Major Bowes Amateur Hour at eight, and we all to bed shortly after ten o’clock.

April 29 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

More house cleaning.  Down to do some shopping, then to the store with Carl at 6 o’clock.  Retired at 9 o’clock feeling "not so hot."

April 30 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Down to store.  Worked, then some more shopping.  Out with Carl to fit Mrs. Spurr’s coat then to Manhattan for lunch.  Home at six o’clock.  Hung bath-room curtains.  Listening to radio & to bed.

May 1937 | Table of Contents

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