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"Up Early and Busy All Day"

The Diaries of Carl F. Smith & Marjorie O. Smith

March 1937

April 1937 | Table of Contents

March 1 - Monday - (Carl)

Up 7:45 and dressed and taking boys to school, and to the store and (2) nice checks in the mail. Boy, was I glad. Over to the K of C at eleven for a swimming lesson and to Jack’s for a shave, and then back to the store. Not busy today. Out to Eddie’s Chop House for lunch. Back to the store and sent out bills. Home at five thirty to dinner. Marj at eight o’clock to Evelyn Salladin’s to a shower on Alice Seymour. I went on down to the store and worked on my income tax.

March 1 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Down to store to help Carl. Cut my spring coat to-day. It is going to be lovely. Bring on the warm weather. Evening over to Salladin’s to Alyce Seymour’s shower.

March 2 - Tuesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store with Marjorie, and not very busy today.  Out to Eddie’s Chop House for lunch.  Home at four o’clock and took the baby and Bradley to Dr. Breeze for final examination.  Home, and Marjorie with a terrible toothache, and phoned Dr. Ritz and made an appointment to have same out at seven o’clock.  Dinner, and down to Dr. Ritz’s office, and Marj having tooth filled.  To the Palace to see "Green Lights."  A marvelous picture.  Home and to bed.  Marjorie did not rest well.

March 2 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Up last nite with toothache.  Down to store.  Home at 4 o’clock to take Roger & Bradley to Dr. Breeze.  Everything O.K.  Tooth terrible, phoned Ritz & had it ex. at 7:30 P.M.  What a relief; so sore.  Then to Palace & home via Mother’s.

March 3 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Up and to store.  Busy all day getting things ready for Mrs. Hood so I could leave for Buffalo & rest tomorrow.  Home for dinner.  Put children to bed, then retired.

March 4 - Thursday - (Carl)

Up early, and Marjorie and I to the store, and Marjorie left at three o’clock for Buffalo to stay at the Statler Hotel for a rest.  I dressed to go riding at six o’clock, and Scotty picked me up at seven o’clock and we up to Geneseo to meet Art & Viola.  Tom Knapp and his girl were "tipsy", and he nearly fell off his horse on the jumps.  Later to Geneseo to eat, and then home by 12:30.  Directly to bed and very tired.  Wrote a letter to Buell today saying I would meet he & Marion at Buffalo Saturday.

March 4 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Down to store to help Carl till noon.  Then to beauty parlor.  Then to train for Buffalo.  Hated to leave after all, but needed rest.  Enjoyed ride to Buffalo in observation car.  Went directly to Statler, bathe and spent the evening with my sore face and missing my family.  Listened to Major Bowes, very good.  Did not sleep until morn.

March 5 - Friday - (Carl)

Up, and taking the boys to school.  To the store, and Grandma DeNero a plant, and Marjorie a dozen roses.  Out to Eddie’s Chop House for lunch.  A phone call from Mrs. Erwin saying she had (2) tickets to hear Arthur Schnable, pianist, at the Eastman for me.  I could not get anyone to go with me, so went alone.  To Viola Burns’s at six for a hair treatment.  To the Manhattan for a bite after the concert.  Did not enjoy the program. Home, and phoned Marjorie.  She had just returned from a ride with Buell Wigle, my friend, to the Falls.  Then to bed tired.

March 5 - Friday (Marjorie)

Up at 11 and down to cafeteria for oatmeal.  Then back to room.  Buell called at noon.  He & Marion arrived at 6:30.  Then the three of us to Lorenzo’s for dinner.  Very lovely, but Oh! that sore face.  Took Marion to girl-friend in Kenmore.  Then Buell drove me to Falls. Grand of him, I think.  Then back to hotel at mid-nite and a gorgeous bouquet of roses from Carl.  So happy I cried; then he phoned me and I went to bed and had the most wonderful rest.

March 6 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up, and a sleet storm, and boy was it terrible driving.  Had planned to drive, and decided to go on the train and the last minute it stopped raining, so decided to drive, but it was very bad.  Left home at four o’clock and arrived at the Statler Hotel by six fifteen.  Registered, and up to our room, and Buell and Marion were there.  Marjorie seemed very glad to see me.  Dressed, and we all to the Chez Ami for dinner.  Had a delightful dinner and danced.  Home by eleven thirty to the Hotel.  Stopped in at the Cocktail Lounge for a drink, and then up to our room and talking for a while, and Buell and Marion left as he had to take her to Newfane.  Marjorie and I to bed.  A day long to be remembered.

March 6 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Up at 11, down for oatmeal.  Then Marion & girl friend arrived at 1:30.  We intended to have luncheon at Statler and fashion show, but was so crowded we couldn’t get in.  Very disappointed.  Then to Oppenheim’s to luncheon & fashion show.  Back to hotel at 4 P.M. to await Carl & Buell.  Very anxious to see Carl.  Minutes seemed like hours. Finally he came at 6:30.  Then we four to Chez Ami, then cocktails at Statler.  Then to bed.  So good to have Carl.  Sometimes I think our happiness too good to be true.

March 7 - Sunday - (Carl)

Marjorie and I up late, and to Child’s Restaurant for breakfast.  Walked and window shopped a while, and then back to the Hotel and getting ready to leave.  Decided to drive to the Falls and have dinner there.  We had dinner at Louis’s Restaurant and then drove down to see the Falls.  A magnificent sight, also a beautiful day.  Phoned Buell’s home before dinner, but no answer.  Drove around by their house on the way home, but all out.  Drove home and very slippery.  Stopped to see Grandma DeNero.  She was very sick.  Home by seven, and listened to the Radio, and at nine o’clock Marj and I had a light lunch.  To bed by eleven.  Very tired.

March 7 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up late & to Child’s for breakfast, then back to hotel to pack.  Then to Falls.  A gorgeous sight.  Dinner at Louis’s.  Did not see Buell & Marion to-day.  Then for home, stopped to see Grandma. Very bad.  Then home to my dear children.  I couldn’t wait. Another vacation over.

March 8 - Monday - (Carl)

Up eight o’clock and taking children to school.  To the store with Marjorie, and us both working on work for Spring.  I out at 12:30 to the barber shop and to Eddie’s Chop House to lunch.  Visited Fritz’s place of business.  Very nice for a start.  Real modernistic show room.  Back to the store and working until six and then home to dinner.  After dinner we listened to Lux Radio Hour.  Grace Moore and Cary Grant played in "Madame Butterfly."  It was very good entertainment.  Caught up on my diary and retired early.  Do not feel so good today.

March 8 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Up, and down to business feeling fine.  Anxious to get Spring work ready. Home to dinner.  Listened to Lux Hour.  "Madame Butterfly" - very good.  Then to bed tired.

March 9 - Tuesday - (Carl)

Up early, and taking children to school and to the store and busy all day on Spring work.  Out to lunch at Eddie’s Chop House.  Back from lunch and Mable & Ralph to store and picking Marjorie up and taking her home. They stayed for dinner and in the evening we played cards.  Today is Mable’s birthday.  We gave Mable & Ralph a present as Ralph’s birthday was last month and we had not seen them since.  They left about midnight, and Marj and I did the dishes and went to bed very tired.

March 9 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Down to store again.  Mable & Ralph picked me up at 3 o’clock, then home to help Loretta with dinner.  Mable’s birthday to-day.  Gifts to Mable & Ralph, both very pleased.  Played cards in eve.  After they left Carl & I did dishes, then to bed.  Loretta to Hosp. to see Russ, not so good to-day.

March 10 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Down to store & much cleaning & work accomplished to-day. Then to beauty parlor to have hair dressed.  Then at 7 o’clock Carl & I to see Richard Dix and Ed Love in pictures at Loew’s.  Very exciting.  Then to Manhattan for dinner.  Out to see Grandma.  She was sleeping. Then home and to bed.

March 11 - Thursday - (Carl)

Up early, and to the store and busy all day, and took Mrs. Bronson’s coat for fitting.  Out to lunch at Eddie’s Chop House.  To the Nugent’s at seven o’clock for dinner and what a dinner.  Played cards, but I had poor cards all evening until the last hand.  Marie & Harry and Dot and Ernest were there.  We all had a grand time.  Home at 12:30.

March 11 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Loretta out to-day.  Cared for children.  Then Aunt Hattie came at 6 o’clock and we joined our eight-some at Leonora’s for diner.  Played cards.  Harry & Leonora took the money.  Wonderful fun.

March 12 - Friday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all day.  Worked on income tax all I could all day.  Out to Eddie’s Chop House and home to dinner, and then back to the store to work on tax report again.  Ronald and Jerold Kieley came down with me to see the Shrine Circus.  Marj and Bradley went this afternoon.  The boys came up to the store at eleven and we went home, and I directly to bed very tired.

March 12 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Up and to the store trying to do a few Spring jobs.  Home to dinner.  Carl took Ronnie & Jerold to circus, then to store to work on his income tax.  In the afternoon I took Bradley to see circus, was he thrilled - "me too."

March 13 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and delivering Mrs. Bronson’s coat.  Back to the store and seeing a salesman about some Spring furs.  Bought several fox pieces.  Out to lunch with Marjorie to Sibley’s Tea Room for lunch.  Back to the store and out at five to the barber shop, and back at six thirty to pick Marj up , and over to Kolb’s to dinner, and what a dinner.  Their baby is getting real cute.  Started to play bridge, and Ed & Virginia Ritz dropped in to see the baby and so we did not play any more bridge.  Just sat and gabbed and at twelve o’clock we all went home.

March 13 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Down to store again, worked all day, then to Marie & Harry Kolb’s for dinner.  "Delicious."  Then we started to play cards and Virginia & Ed "popped" up, so we chatted the rest of the evening.  Their baby is growing - cute little fellow.

March 14 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up nine o’clock and having breakfast and to Sunday School with the boys.  Back home and over to Mother Bender’s for dinner.  Grandma DeNero very bad.  Down to the store in the afternoon to work on my income tax.  Back to Mother Bender’s and picking Marj and the boys up, and to our home and listening to the Radio.  Marj served light lunch in the parlor.  Read the paper, worked some more on my income tax, wrote a letter to Buell and Stan, and to bed feeling cold and tired.  It was a beautiful day, but real cold winter weather.

March 14 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up, and got the family off to church; then cared for Roger, the little dear fell asleep in playpen.  A wonderful sight.  Then over to Mother’s with children for dinner.  Grandma very weak.  Mother tired out.  Then home at six.  Listened to our usual programs and retired.

March 15 - Monday - (Carl)

Up eight o’clock and took the boys to school, and then down to the store and working on income tax until eleven thirty, and then hurried over to K. of C. for a swim.  Back to the store and out to lunch at Eddie’s Chop House.  Back to the store, and took my income tax up to Mr. Coon on Meigs Street, and very slippery driving.  Took a fox skin down to Rochester Fur Dressers, and came by store and picked Marj up, and home for dinner.  It has snowed nearly all day, and quite cold too.  Ate dinner and read the paper and listened to Radio.  Lux Radio Hour was real good.  Marlene Dietrich & Herb Marshall in "Desire."

March 15 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Down to store to-day.  Worked all day.  Home to dinner, listened to Lux Hour.  Took a bath and to bed.

March 16 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Up and to store.  Terrific snow storm in night.  Snow piled very high. Went to dentist to-day.  Home to dinner.

March 17 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Down to store.  Worked all day.  Then to see Grandma DeNero and over to my Dad’s for dinner.

March 18 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Home to-day.  Loretta out.  Usual routine.  Terrible snow storm to-day.  Carl couldn’t ride to-nite.  Listened to Major Bowes and retired.

March 19 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Down to store.  Worked all day, then over to K of C to start my gymnastics.  Makes you feel great.  Carl picked me up at 6:30, then over to Mother’s for fish dinner.  Grandma transferred to General Hospital to-day.  Then to Palace to see Loretta Young in "Love Is News."

March 20 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Down to store, worked all day.  Then home to care for children.  Had Ed and Virginia come for dinner.  Had music and movies.  Very impromptu.  Lovely time.  Loretta out to see Russ.  Very poor condition.

March 21 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up early and to Sunday School with the boys to breakfast.  They served a lovely meal, and did Bradley eat.  Home after Sunday School, and picking Marjorie & Roger up and over to Mother Bender’s for dinner.  After dinner, Marjorie, Brad & Roger, and I took a ride to Pittsford, Fairport, and Penfield.  Near Landing Road we saw a horrible accident happen right in front of our eyes.  Stopped at Aunt Emma’s for a few minutes, and then picked Loretta up and home.

March 21 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up early.  Palm Sunday.  Carl & boys to church for breakfast. Cared for baby and rested.  Went riding in afternoon, saw terrible accident happen.  Called for Loretta so she could care for children and we joined our eightsome at Marie Kolb’s.  Leonora very ill.  J. D. Woslel took their place.

March 22 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Up early & to work. Lots of little things to do. Carl started making over my white fox cape.  Beautiful. Home to dinner. Listened to Lux Hour, then retired.

March 23 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Up early & to store.  Still busy with many little things.  Over to K of C at 5 o’clock with Evelyn.  Carl picked us up, then home to dinner.  Carl took Loretta to Hospital to see Russ.  Listened to Radio and retired.

March 24 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Up early & down to help Carl until noon.  Then home on bus to help Loretta.  Mayme-Lee Ogden & Dr. P. for dinner & cards.  They enjoyed themselves immensely.  Had music & chatted.  They left at midnite.

March 25 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Up early taking children to school Roger to Madeline’s so I could work until 3 P.M.  Then called for baby.  He was not feeling well, so had Dr. Breeze.  Just a cold & teeth.  He cried all nite.  No rest for anyone.  Better in morn.

March 26 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Stayed in morn to care for baby.  Canceled my dentist appointment.  He was much better at noon so I went to work.  Then at five o’clock over to Viola Burns to get permanent.  There until mid-nite, then to Manhattan and home with Carl.

March 27 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and very busy all day.  Finished Marjorie’s white fox cape and it is beautiful.  Dinner at Roch. Club and paid for our reservations.  Back to the store and delivered a scarf, and home for Marjorie, to barber shop, and back to the store to dress.  Katherine Klee came up to the store, and we all left for a cocktail party, picking Ed & Virginia Ritz up on the way out.  What a party.  I got sick, and Billie Tiefel drove my car down to the Club for me and I threw up all the way down, and did not hardly know I was at the Roch. Club.  Stayed down in the Men’s Room, and after the boys ate their dinner, Herb took me home and Harry brought Marj home in our car.  What a night.

March 27 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

What a day.  Busy at store trying to finish white fox cape to wear to-nite.  Dressed myself in white lace dress & cape.  Carl, K. Klee & myself picked up Virginia & Ed at Sag., then to Tiefel’s for cocktails.  Carl had too much to drink, so no Roch. Club for him.  Herb & Harry saw that we got home.  Disappointed we couldn’t enjoy ourselves at club.  Other times are coming.

March 28 - Sunday - (Carl)

Woke up with an awful headache.  Hardly knew what happened.  Marj served me a light breakfast in bed.  I finally felt like getting up and dressed, and we all over to Mother Bender’s for dinner.  Late in the afternoon we all went home and listened to the Radio.  Marj served a late light lunch and we all went to bed early.  I really feel terrible to think I made such a fool out of myself and spoiled Marjorie’s Easter.  I am sure it will never happen again.

March 28 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Easter Sunday and unable to go to church.  Carl too weak.  Children had baskets, then to Mother’s to dinner.  Nice time, then home to radio and to bed.  Carl still groggy.

March 29 - Monday - (Carl)

Up early, and to the store and hurrying to get a cape ready for a fitting.  Got it ready just in time.  Home at nine o’clock and from seeing "History Is Made At Night" at the Rochester Theatre.  Jean Arthur and Chas. Boyer played the lead and they were grand.  Had our dinner in the living room and listened to Lux Radio Hour starring Geo. Burns and Gracie Allen.  It was very good.  We all went to bed early.  Very tired.

March 29 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Up and to store at noon to help Carl.  To Loew’s at 6 P.M. to see Jean Arthur & Chas. Boyer in "History Is Made At Night."  Grand picture.  Had supper in living room.  Listened to Lux Hour & to bed.

March 30 - Tuesday - (Carl)

Up very early today.  Marjorie and I to the store, but I did not feel like doing much.  A beautiful day out, and I took a walk out to Roch. Fur Dressing to get a red fox skin.  Ate at Eddie’s Chop House.  Felt tired when I got back.  In court on Harry Levin fur case.  A nasty case.  Marj went over to the K. of C., and I picked her up at 6:15.  A letter from Buell and Marion today.  Mrs. J. B. Martin bought a cross fox scarf today.

March 30 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Up and down to store to help Carl.  Over to K of C at 5 o’clock for gym. Then home so Loretta could go to hospital to see Russ.  Listened to radio and to bed.

March 31 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Home to-day.  Loretta out.  General routine & care of baby.  To bed early.

April 1937 | Table of Contents

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