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Up Early and Busy All Day

The Diaries of Carl F. Smith & Marjorie O. Smith

February 1937

March 1937 | Table of Contents

February 1 - Monday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all day. Took Mrs. Hartmann’s coats out to Pittsford to her. They have a lovely home. Very cold and snowing today. Out to lunch at Eddie’s Chop House. Home at six to dinner and listened to the Radio for a while, and then to bed. Not feeling so good upon retiring. A letter from Buell today. He and Marion are coming down for the weekend. He writes he has a cold and is in bed writing letter.

February 1 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Still caring for children. Some better to-day. Retired early.

February 2 - Tuesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all day. Not accomplishing much until after six o’clock though. Worked on skins for new coat until nine o’clock. On the way home I took another look at the car of my dreams. Boy, is it a Honey. Did not feel so hot today. Marj had dinner ready on arriving home. We sat in the parlor and read for a while and then to bed. Roger feels much better today. Marjorie is staying home from the store to take care of them both.

February 2 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Roger greatly improved. General care. Retired early.

February 3 - Wednesday - (Carl)

Up early, and starting the car and it refused to turn over, so had to phone the Chili Garage and have a rental battery put in. To the store and busy with fixing rips all day. Wrote a letter to Buell. Mable phoned the store. Out to the store of Burname to deliver a coat I had altered for them, and to Eddie’s Chop House for lunch. Paid a deposit on the car of my dreams. I hope Marjorie likes it. Gee, it’s a honey. Home to dinner at six o’clock delivering a coat on the way home. Do not feel much better today. Roger and Brad are much better.

February 3 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Roger on the gain. Am I glad; the worry and suspense is terrible. Retired early.

February 4 - Thursday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and not so busy today. Took Marjorie out to Hazel Tiefel’s to a luncheon and bridge party. Marjorie wore her new Black Alaska Seal Coat that we just finished making over, and a new Spring hat. She looked very chic and sweet. Called for her at five thirty and Ann Scinta rode down with us to the Sagamore Hotel. Marjorie and I to the store and then to the Palace to see Sonja Henie in "One In A Million." Over to Billie and Gordon Woods later. They served some drinks and we talked for a while, and left early and came home and had a lunch and to bed.

February 4 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Up, and as children are better, I am going to "Bee" Kircher’s luncheon on Dartmouth St. Beauty parlor first, then to Sag. Hotel to meet Ann Scinta; both of us over to luncheon. Lovely time. No prize for me. Carl and I to see Sonja Henie in "One In A Million" at Palace. Then to Gordon & Billie’s. Stayed an hour and then home and to bed.

February 5 - Friday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all day. Worked hard on Miss Miller’s Mendoza beaver coat all day. Out to the Manhattan at six o’clock, and back to the store and working until eleven on the coat again. Home at eleven, and had a lunch in the parlor and read the paper, and retired feeling very tired.

February 5 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Up and to store in morning. Home at noon to care for baby. I love to take care of him. Spent the evening at home, and to bed very tired.

February 6 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all morning. Over to Field’s Automobile place at noon to get our new car. I was so excited I did not know how to act. Picked Marj up on Court St. and then over to pick Catherine Klee up, and then Ann Scinta at the Sagamore, and on out to Rose Coleman’s. She had a cocktail party at her home, and then took the girls out to Oak Hill to a luncheon and bridge. Home at six with Marj and Marion & Buell there. Dinner and dressed and to the Eastman to see "Rigoletto." It was marvelous. We went to the Peacock Room later after the show and had something to eat and drink and danced. Home by two-thirty and very tired, so directly to bed.

February 6 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Up and to store; worked 1 hr., then manicure, then to Rose Coleman’s luncheon at Oak Hill. Lovely party, no prize for me. Carl bought the "car of his dreams" to-day, it’s a beauty. Red in color, leather seats and all. Some thrill. Buell & Marion arrived at 6 P.M. We had supper, then to Eastman to see "Rigoletto." Very nice; then Peacock Room.

February 7 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up by ten o’clock, and breakfast with Buell and Marion. Out for a ride in the new car over to Mother Bender’s, and on the way back stopped to see Eddie and Evelyn, and as I started to leave their house found I was out of gas. Eddie went to a station and obtained a gallon for me. Home and Buell playing the piano and I sang a few songs. In the afternoon over to Marie and Harry Kolb’s to see the new baby. He is very sweet. Back home and sat and talked and Marj served a cocktail, and then we dressed, and at six thirty Buell and Marion left for home, and we left for Doty’s to a dinner party. We picked Gordon and Billie up on the way out. Had a grand time, and arrived home late and tired.

February 7 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up early, and help with children, then over to Mother’s to show her our car. Buell and Marion left for home at 6 o’clock. Then we dressed and called for "Billie and Gordon" and to the "Doty’s" for super party. No prize for us. Movies too. We were also invited to Scinta’s and Scott’s. Too bad there isn’t more of us. A grand day all told.

February 8 - Monday - (Carl)

Up early, and it had been raining hard and freezing. Very slippery driving. Took Ronald to school, and Marj and I over to Mother Bender’s. On our way to the store we picked up a lady with a baby in her arms and a little boy waiting in the rain for a street car. She was going to the General Hospital. So we left them off in front. Marj said, "Well, our good deeds are done for today." An invitation to Ida Erwin’s new studio to lunch. Took Marjorie home afterwards, and then back to the store and working until six o’clock. Home by seven o’clock for dinner and the evening at home listening to the Radio. To bed by eleven o’clock and rather tired.

February 8 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Up and to the store all day. Home and to bed at 8 o’clock with children. Completely exhausted. Mother called. Elsie very ill to-day.

February 9 - Tuesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all day. Out to lunch with Marjorie to Eddie’s Chop House. Marjorie and I to the Palace to see Kay Francis in "Stolen Holiday." Very good. Home, and Marjorie made a bite to eat, and then to bed.

February 9 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Up and to store. Worked all day. Carl and I to the Palace to see "Stolen Holiday" with Kay Francis; then home, supper and to bed. We are enjoying our car very much.

February 10 - Wednesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store. Marjorie and I to Sibley’s Tea Room for lunch. Bought Marj a new dress and hat for her Valentine present. She liked it very much. Home at four o’clock with Marjorie, and took Loretta home. She is taking a weeks vacation. She needs it, I am sure. Wish Marj could take same. Did not go back to the store. Came home and read the paper, had supper, listened to the Radio, and to bed early 9:30, slept well.

February 10 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Up & to store. Over to Mother’s with a night gown for Elsie. Charlie in cast is very miserable. Very sad indeed. Then to the store with plenty on my mind. Carl took me home at 4 o’clock. Loretta is starting on a week of vacation. She needs it. I hope she rests. To bed tired.

February 11 - Thursday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and out to lunch at Eddie’s Chop House. To Dr. Leadley’s to be examined. Found my blood count and blood pressure O.K. Gave me a prescription to fill for my circulation. Dressed at six o’clock, and out to pick Scotty, Fran Maloney, and Viola and Art, and out to Geneseo to Ride. I rode Black Night, and is he a ride. Up to Geneseo to eat afterward, and then home. Arrived home by twelve thirty and went directly to bed. Letter from Buell today.

February 11 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Up early, started my daily house work and caring for the children. How I love it. Listened to Major Bowes. Rochester nite. Very good. Carl is riding at Geneseo. To bed very tired.

February 12 - Friday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy working on the mink coat of Laurabelle Marsh. Out to lunch at Eddie’s Chop House and back, and worked until five thirty, and then over to Mother Bender’s to get Marj, and home to dinner. Mrs. Schneider stayed with the children and made supper. After dinner I took her to the car line and came home and wrote a letter to my friend Stan DuBurck. A letter from him today saying he had been sick with the grippe. Bradley and Roger seem to be nearly over the whooping cough.

February 12 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Up early. Rushed to finish my work in morning so I could go shopping at noon for Shirley’s birthday present. Mrs. Schneider took care of children in P.M. After I finished shopping I went over to Mother’s on streetcar and left the gifts. Mother is working terribly hard. Carl picked me up at 6 P.M. Then home and to bed early.

February 13 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all day. To the Rochester Club to pay my bill, and to the Manhattan for lunch. Home to dress, and to the formal St. Valentine Party at the Rochester Club. Dot and Ernie Doty, Leonora and Walter Nugent were our guests. Had a real good time. They had a fine floor show and orchestra. I won $4.00 in the quarter machine. We left for home at 1:30 o’clock. A good time had by all.

February 13 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Up early & rush again so I could have my hair done in afternoon. Loretta’s sister Mildred came at 1 o’clock to care for children afternoon & eve. Home at 6:30 with Carl, then dress and to the Rochester Club Valentine Party with Dotys & Nugents. Lovely time. Mother drove down for Grandma DeNero to-day. She is very sick.

February 14 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up late, and breakfast and reading paper, and at noon over to Mother Bender’s for dinner. Grandmother DeNero is in bed with very sore feet. To the Zoo with the boys and back, and picking Marjorie and Roger up, and home and dressing to go to a supper party and bridge at Katherine Klee’s home. Had a good time, but terrible cards. We won booby prize. Home by one o’clock. Took Madeline home, and came home and went to bed directly. Very tired.

February 14 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Rain and snow this A.M. Over to Mother’s with the children for dinner. Carl took them to Zoo in afternoon, then I showed movies and we returned home at 6 o’clock, bringing Madeline to care for children so we could go to Katherine Klee dinner party. She announced her engagement. We were glad & happy. Lovely time.

February 15 - Monday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and working on the mink coat all day. Out to Eddie’s Chop House for lunch.

February 15 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Up, and usual routine with housework & children. Children seem worse since yesterday. Ronald out of school again. Carl worked a while to-nite. Then dinner & to bed. Baby very fussy to-nite cutting teeth.

February 16 - Tuesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and working all day on the mink coat. Home to dinner, and dressing, and to the Community Theatre to see "The Dead Sister’s Secret" with Dot and Ernest Doty. Boy, was it a howl. After the show we four went to the Seneca Tap Room and had a light lunch and danced. Home and to bed very tired. A letter from Buell today.

February 16 -Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Regular duties to-day. Tried to do a few extra things, but baby not feeling well. Madeline came again to-nite to care for children while we went to the Community Players to see "Dead Sister’s Secret" with the Doty's, then to Seneca Tap Room for cocktail & home.

February 17 - Wednesday - (Carl)

Up late, and to the store by 9:30, working until eleven on the mink coat, and over to the K. of C. for my first swimming lesson. Boy, was it the nuts.  Back to the store and selected fur coat models from Sol Vogel for the coming season. Out to lunch at two o’clock. Back, and worked until eleven o’clock. Home, and read the paper and retired.

February 17 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Crowded a weeks’ work into a day trying to straighten up the house. Loretta comes home to-nite. Bathe & to bed. Carl working late on Mrs. Marsh’s coat.

February 18 - Thursday - (Carl)

Up early, and Loretta back from her weeks vacation. All glad to see her back. Marjorie and I to the store and working on mink coat. Out late to lunch, and at seven o’clock up to Geneseo to ride. Picked Katherine and Marie Klee up and took them along to watch us jump. Up to Geneseo to have a light lunch. Back to Rochester by 10:45, and picked Marjorie up at the Palace. She went to see "Champagne Waltz." She said it was very good. Over to Mother Bender’s later, and had tea, and home and to bed.

February 18 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Loretta home to-day and rested. Down to the store to help with Marsh’s mink coat; progressing slowly. Carl riding at Geneseo in evening & me to see "Champagne Waltz" with Fred MacMurray & Gladys Swarthout. Carl called for me at 10:30, then to Mother’s to see the sick & have tea. Home & to bed.

February 19 - Friday - (Carl)

Up early, and Marjorie and I to the store, and working hard all day on mink coat. Out late to lunch, and Marjorie and I over to Sibley’s to select curtains for our bedroom. Marjorie over to Viola Burns to have hair dress, and I late to dinner and saw Bunnie and Scottie eating at the Manhattan. Back to the store, and Marjorie and I worked on mink coat until one o’clock. Home, and directly to bed. Very tired.

February 19 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Up early & to store to work on mink coat. Out in P.M. to have hair dressed, then back to store with no dinner; work until 1 A.M. Home & to bed exhausted.

February 20 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up at seven o’clock and to the store by eight, and Marjorie and I working on Laurabelle’s mink coat. We both out to the Manhattan at three thirty, and me to the barber shop, and then over to the store and delivering several coats, and home and shopping along Monroe Ave. Listened to the Radio, and at nine o’clock we had dinner. We retired by eleven o’clock and both very tired. Very warm again today.

February 20 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Up and to the store very early. Mink coat must be finished to-day. Worked like a "sinner", then out for a bite to eat with Carl at 3:30. At last! The coat is finished and we are heading for home and an evening alone.

February 21 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up early, and breakfast alone in dining room. Herbert and family over. He and I moved our bedroom furniture back in our room again, and does it seem good. Riding with Scotty at Herberle’s. Rode "Judge", and I had a wonderful ride. Home, and had dinner and dressed and over to Mother Bender’s to take Jennie Foss home to Williamson. Stopped to see Stan DuBurck, but he wasn’t home. Home, and had a light lunch in the parlor. The wind blew a terrible gale today, and upon arriving home found the side parlor window open and our choice lamp blown off the table, but it landed on my chair, so was not broken. Boy, am I glad about that.

February 21 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up at 7:30, and usual routine with children. Loretta’s Sunday out. In the afternoon to Williamson to take Jennie Foss home. Terrible wind to-day. Much damage. Then home. Children to bed. Bathe & took myself to bed.

February 22 - Monday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store. To the barber shop at ten thirty, and then over to the K of C to take swimming lesson. Like it very much. To lunch at Eddie’s Chop. Ate at a table with a priest from Soldiers & Sailors Hosp. at Bath, NY.  Back to the store, and home at six, and back down town to the Little Theatre to see "A Trip Through China." A wonderful picture. Very interesting and educational. Marj couldn’t keep awake. A right snappy day today. Several inches of snow fell last night. First snow in several weeks.

February 22 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Down to the store to-day. Not much work. Did some shopping, then home to dinner, and back down to see "The Yellow Cruise" at the Little Theatre. Slept mostly through it all. Too tired. O, for a two day vacation of sleep.

February 23 - Tuesday - (Carl)

Up 7:45 o’clock, and took Ronald & Bradley to school, and to the store and not very busy today. Tried to clean my desk of old mail. Out to Eddie’s for lunch. Decided to keep wrist watch I took on trial from Cliff Forsythe yesterday. Home at six o’clock to dinner. Marj put up new curtain in our bedroom today, also made slip covers for dining room chair.

February 23 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Home to-day, shorten new curtains for bedroom. Made slip-covers for dining room chairs. Rested & to bed. Loretta’s boyfriend is in hospital with infection in hand.

February 24 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Down to the store. Remodel a couple of capes. Then a lunch, shopping, and home on the bus. Carl stayed down to see "Champagne Waltz." He came home at 9 o’clock. Lunch & to bed.

February 25 - Thursday - (Carl)

Up at eight o’clock taking children to school, and to the store and out to Eddie’s late to lunch. Not very busy at store today. Dressed at six o’clock, and to pick Viola and Art up to go riding at Geneseo. Phoned Buell before leaving store to tell him Marjorie and I were coming up to Newfane to meet them. Had a grand ride tonight. Up to Geneseo later for a lunch and home late. Scotty came up with three others to ride tonight.

February 25 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Home all day to-day. Loretta’s day out. Listened to Major Bowes; very good to-nite. Carl riding to-nite, retired at mid-nite.

February 26 - Friday - (Carl)

Up at eight and to the store, and not very busy today. Altered Mrs. Ketelhut’s coat and delivered same at five o’clock, and home with some groceries, and ordered flowers for Marjorie’s party. Back down to the store and picked Marjorie up and started for Newfane to meet Buell and Marion. We four went on up to Lockport and had a lovely dinner at the Park Hotel. After dinner Marjorie and Marion left for Rochester in Buell’s car and Buell and I left for his home. We talked and Buell played some new pieces and I sang. At twelve o’clock we all retired.

February 26 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Up and to store. Busy trying finishing touches for my luncheon to-morrow. Carl & I left at 6 o’clock for Newfane to get Marion. She & I came home alone in Buell’s car. Carl & Buell to the Falls to return Sat. P.M. Home safely, set table for luncheon.

February 27 - Saturday - (Carl)

At Niagara Falls at Wigle’s. Up at 11:00 o’clock, and down and Mrs. Wigle made me a light breakfast. Went for a walk to drug store and up Macklern Ave. Met Buell coming home from work, so rode back to house with him. Played music and had dinner, and to see the Falls with Buell and his mother. Back home and packed and left at 4:30 for Rochester. Darrell and his wife and dog came over before we left. Home by way of Batavia. To barber shop getting shaved and Buell getting a haircut. Home, and Marj and Marion telling about party. Huge success. Sat in parlor for a while, and later Marj served a lunch and then we listened to the Radio, and at midnight all to bed.

February 27 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

To-day is the day. Marion & I took Roger over to Dad’s for the day. Bradley at Mother’s. Girls arrived at 1 o’clock. Loretta’s luncheon delicious. Everything "tops." Baby returned at 5 P.M.; girls thought him adorable. Splendid time had by all.

February 28 - Sunday - (Carl)

All up at eight thirty and breakfast together. Buell and Marion left at ten to go home. Marion’s father’s birthday today. Reason for them going home so early. I left at same time to go riding with Scotty. Rode Major, not a bad ride, but they have better horses. A grand ride: weather real snappy, bad under foot for horses. Rode for an hour and a half. Rode up old R. S. & E. tracks. Home and dressed and over to Mother Bender’s for dinner. For ride in the afternoon, and home and listened to the Radio, and later having lunch in the living room, and to bed at eleven and very tired.

February 28 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up early. Breakfast with Buell & Marion. Then they left for Falls. We over to Mother’s with children for dinner & to see Grandma & Charles. Some better.

March 1937 | Table of Contents

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