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"Up Early and Busy All Day"

The Diaries of Carl F. Smith & Marjorie O. Smith

January 1937

February 1937 | Table of Contents

December 31, 1936 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

New Year’s Eve. Busy at store until 4 P.M. Home on bus. Marion and Buell arrived at 6 P.M. Had a snack, bathe, and dress. To Kircher’s cocktail party at 8 P.M. and to Rochester Club with all the guests at 11 P.M. Our party included Marion and Buell, Ed and Virginia, Billy and Hazel, Herbert and Bee, Leonora and Wally, Evelyn and Jerry, Katherine and Fran. Home at 3:30. Lovely time. Wore my Christmas present from Carl. Blue Damask trimmed with gold. Very lovely.

Marie Kolb baby born this morn, 7 A.M., boy.

January 1 - Friday - (Carl)

Home from New Year’s Party at Rochester. Club, and to bed by three o’clock and awakened by Marjorie at 4:00. Buell and I up, and breakfast and off to Niagara Falls together. Arrived there by seven- thirty safe and sound. I to bed, and Buell off to work until noon. Up at one o’clock and dinner with the Wigles, and went for a walk with Buell along the Gorge. Air was nippy, so enjoyed the walk very much. Back home, and Darrell and his wife over for a short visit. After they left, Buell played and I sang some songs. Supper and then Buell and I to see "After the Thin Man"; very good. Home and to bed and slept like a log. Buell had his car slightly damaged and was very much upset about it.

January 1 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Up at 5 A.M. to see Carl & Buell off to Falls. Back to bed, and up at 7 A.M. to care for children. Loretta out. Prepared dinner. Marion up at 12 noon. I went to Mother’s with the dinner, she being alone. Had nice visit. Home at six. Lunch in L. Room, children to bed. Fell asleep at 9 P.M. No phone call, very disappointed, went to bed.

January 2 - Saturday - (Carl)

Not up until twelve o’clock, and Buell home from work, and we having dinner. Raining all morning and very disagreeable. Buell and I off by three o’clock to Rochester. Rained most of the way home. Arrived our home by five o’clock. Left our baggage, and we down to the store. Buell changed his boots and bought a new pair of riding britches. We delivered a coat, and then getting Bradley at Mother Bender’s and home, and me changing my clothes, and then we four off to Ritz’s to a supper party and an evening of music. I sang, but was rather nervous, so I did not do my best. Home by one-thirty and to bed. All had a delightful time. Marjorie wore her green dress and new gold belt and headdress, and looked very smart.

January 2 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Up at 7 A.M. Daily duties. Loretta home at 12 noon. Marion and I down to store; glaze coat. Sibley’s Tea Room for lunch. Eastman to see "Maytime." Home at 6 P.M. Hurried and dressed to dinner party and musicale down at Ritz’s. Lovely time. Home at 1 A.M. to bed. Carl and Buell returned for this party.

January 3 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up late, and light breakfast with Marion and Buell. We all sat around and talked and then all eating dinner; Buell and Marion left shortly after for home. Marion had to get much work ready for Monday, so she felt she should leave early. I hated to see them leave so early, and I know Buell hated to go, because he is crazy about our home. He raves about everything we have, so I guess he likes our taste. Marjorie and I and the boys off to the Zoo. Home and it snowed real hard. Marjorie served lunch in the parlor and we listened to the radio, and then we all off to bed. Tomorrow Blue Monday.

January 3 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up at 7:30 A.M. Cared for baby while Loretta got dinner. Buell and Marion left at 4 P.M. Then to Zoo with children. Home again. Lunch in L. Room. Fell asleep listening to Radio. To bed.

January 4 - Monday - (Carl)

Up and to the store, and very busy all day. Marjorie did not go to the store today. Stayed home and changed the bedrooms around. We are now in the baby’s room, and the boys in the front bedroom. Home at six and dinner, and listened to the radio. To bed early.

New Year’s Resolution: to try and be less extravagant with myself, so watch me go stingy. Will try to save some money this year.

January 4 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Up at 7:30. Home from the store today to help clean and change bed-rooms. Took baby out and shoveled walk. Then back to work. Didn’t finish as I wished to. Tired, bath and to bed.

January 5 - Tuesday - (Carl)

Up early, and Marjorie and I to the store, and I took in a $95.00 remodel job. (Mrs. A.S. Gilbert’s coat). Marjorie and I out to Eddie’s Chop House to lunch, and did she get something out of her system. I sure felt terrible, but glad it’s over. Home at six to dinner, and I back to the store to write some letters, and home, and Marjorie played some pieces and I sang. Read the paper and to bed.

January 5 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Up early. To the store all day. Took time off in P.M. to see "After The Thin Man." Very good. Home to dinner. Early part of eve alone. Carl at store. When he returned, I played and he sang. Then to bed tired.

January 6 - Wednesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all day. Out to Eddie’s Chop house for lunch, and worked until eight o’clock and out to the Manhattan, and met Ernest Doty as we were ready to leave and he told us something about their West Indies cruise. Sounded swell. Off to the Little Theatre to see "Theodora Goes Wild." A grand picture, enjoyed it very much. Home by twelve o’clock, and read the paper and to bed. A letter from Buell today.

January 6 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Up early and to store all day. Carl and I to Eddie’s Chop House for lunch. Manhattan for dinner. Met E. Doty, told us about Havana trip. Then to Little Theatre to see Irene Dunn in "Theodora Goes Wild." Home and tea. To bed.

January 7 - Thursday- (Carl)

Up late and to the store, and Marjorie and I home for lunch, and Loretta out for the afternoon. Me back to the store and very busy until six o’clock. Then changing to my riding clothes and over to meet Viola and Art, and up to Geneseo to ride again. Did a lot of jumping. It sure felt good to be riding again. Rode Black Hawk. Viola took a bad spill. Up to Geneseo to eat at the Tap Room, and home through much fog. To bed by one o’clock. Two sores on my knees from jumping; bet I will be lame tomorrow.

January 7 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Up early. To store in morning. Carl brought me home for lunch. Loretta out. Played with baby and sewed. Children to bed. Alone to-nite. Carl riding with W. Burns and Co. Lonesome. Guess I’ll go to bed.

January 8 - Friday - (Carl)

Up early, and to the store and busy all day. Mrs. S. C. Steele ordered an Alaskan seal coat today. Marjorie and I worked until eight, and then to the Manhattan to dinner, and then to the Century Theatre to see "Sing Me A Love Song" with James Melton. He has a grand voice and good looking. We enjoyed it very much. Home, and sitting in the parlor and read the paper and then to bed.

January 8 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Down to store. Worked all day. Lunch at Eddie’s with Carl, dinner at Manhattan with Carl, and to Century to see James Melton & Zazu Pitts in "Sing Me A Love Song." Very entertaining. Home and to bed. Record Jan. weather, 65 degrees at 4 A.M.

January 9 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all day. Marjorie and Ronald out to buy him a new suit. I out to lunch at Eddie’s Chop House and then getting a manicure. Delivered a couple of coats and then Marjorie and I home for dinner. Leonora and Walter Nugent in for the evening. Played bridge and enjoyed same very much. Marjorie served a lunch, and they going home afterwards and us to bed. I was very tired, but slept good. Boy, oh!, Boy, am I sore and lame today from my ride Thursday. Can hardly get up or sit down.

January 9 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Early to the store. Quite busy. Louise DeNero married today. Missed the wedding. Home to dinner at nite. Nugent’s over for evening of bridge. To bed at 1 A.M.

January 10 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up by ten, and took a bath, and down and eating breakfast alone in the dining room. Wrote in my diary and at noontime over to Mother Bender’s for dinner. Down to the store and worked until six o’clock. Over to Mother Bender’s to get Marjorie and the children. Home to lunch in the parlor and listened to the radio, and to bed very early.

January 10 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up late, and over to Mother’s with children for dinner. All three children have severe colds. Bradley out of school. Carl worked all afternoon and called for me at 6:30 P.M. Bathed children and everybody retired. All in.

January 11 - Monday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and very busy all day. Out to lunch with Marjorie to Eddie’s Chop House. To the Manhattan for dinner; home late.

January 11 - Monday - Marjorie)

Up early, to the store, busy day. Worked very late to-nite.

January 12 - Tuesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and very busy all day. Letter from Buell this morning. When out to lunch I over to the Eastman Theatre to get tickets for Trudi Schoop Comic Ballet. Had to wait in line over a half hour. Worked late again tonight. Seems to keep very busy for this time of the year. Very mild today. Record weather for this time of the year. 65 degrees at 4 A.M. Home late and directly to bed.

January 12 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Up early. Busy at store all day. Had doctor for children; whooping cough. Called Scott’s and Bunny was at Strong Hosp.; appendix. Did not operate. False alarm.

January 13 - Wednesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and very busy all day. Out to lunch alone late to Eddie’s Chop House. Out at seven with Marjorie to the Manhattan, and upon getting up to leave who should be sitting at the table behind us but the Dotys. We had planned to meet them at the Eastman at 8:15, so we sat and waited while they finished their dinner, and then we all over to the show together to see Trudi Schoop. We all enjoyed same very much. Ernie and I laughed very much. After the show we four went to the Peacock Room and had something to eat and drink, and heard some more about their lovely trip to Bermuda. Home late and directly to bed. Very tired.

January 13 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Up and to the store, very busy. In evening to Eastman Theatre with "Doty’s." "Trudi Schoop’s Ballet"; very funny and entertaining. To the Peacock Room to dance and eat. Very good music.

January 14 - Thursday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and Marjorie to Leonora Nugent’s home to a bridge party in the afternoon. I had planned to ride at Geneseo, and because I did not ask Marj to go with me, she balled me out for not asking her. I felt badly and was not going at all unless she went along. She finally consented and came to the store at six and we started for Geneseo. We only got as far as Henrietta when we decided to turn back home; it was raining and blowing so hard. Decided to go to the Regent, so we saw Lily Pons in "That Lady From Paris" and "Winterset." Good entertainment. Home, and had a lunch in the kitchen, read the paper, and retired.

January 14 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Up, and to the store to try and do a whole day’s work in half so I could go to Leonora’s luncheon. Lovely time, but very tired and thinking of children home sick. Evening, Carl and I to Regent to see "Winterset." I didn’t care for it.

January 15 - Friday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and very busy. Home to lunch at noon. Loretta went out and Madeline came over to stay. Bradley very sick with whooping cough. Had Dr. Leadley for him. Back to the store with Marjorie, and we worked until nearly eight o’clock. Came home and had dinner with Dad and Madeline. They left for home at ten. About eleven o’clock the phone rang, and Elsie said Mother was sick with a heart attack. I quickly went over to Madeline’s and got them out of bed, and she went over to take care of Mother. I stayed for an hour, and when I came home she was much better.

January 15 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Very busy at store today. Had to have Madeline take care of children so Loretta could have half day, then home to supper at 7:30, and Dad and Madeline left at 10 P.M. To bed. Long letter from Anne today. Elsie called 11:30. Mother had heart attack. Carl went over with Madeline. I was very worried, but she is much better when Carl came home.

January 16 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and very busy all day getting much work finished to deliver. Out late to Eddie’s Chop House. Marjorie went home the middle of the afternoon. Delivered four coats after six o’clock, and home by 7:45, and the Scotts there for dinner. Bought (6) gardenia on East Ave. at florist for $.95 for the table decoration and it looked beautiful. Gave one to Loretta when she went out, and one to Bunny when she went home. Played bridge until Marjorie had to be up with Bradley so long that they decided to go home, it being after twelve. Had a very enjoyable evening. To bed after they left, feeling very tired.

January 16 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Busy at store. Bernie and Scotty for dinner to-nite. Evening of cards. Very enjoyable.

January 17 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up by nine o’clock and breakfast in the kitchen. Up to the bathroom shaving, and the Dr. came and said Bradley positively had whooping cough. Off at ten to pick Scotty up, and out to Herberle’s to ride. I rode Dapper Dan. He is a good ride. The weather was just cold enough to make the ride very enjoyable. Rode around by the bay. Came home and had dinner and sat in the parlor and read. Had light lunch at seven and listened to the radio. Wrote a letter to my friend Buell asking them down for next weekend.

January 17 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Home all day caring for children. They worry me. Hope they get better right away. Very tired to-day. Carl over to Mother’s at 9:30 P.M. to take Dad to get her car. Charlie dislocates hip while bowling. Always something. What next. I wonder if my seal coat will get underway to-morrow?

January 18 - Monday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store early and very busy all day. Marjorie stayed home today. Laurabelle Marsh decided to have a Jap mink coat made today. Out to lunch late at Eddie’s Chop House. Home at six o’clock to dinner, and over to Fritz Gausert’s sister’s house at eight o’clock on business and then to the Rochester Theatre to see "Camille" with Robt. Taylor and Greta Garbo. Very good. Home after Theatre and had light lunch in the parlor. Read the paper and to bed.

January 18 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Stayed home to-day. Help care for children. Bradley in bed with whooping cough. Baby and Ronald quite well. Cleaned cellar. Evening to Roch. Theatre to see "Camille" with Garbo and Taylor. Ronald down to Leir’s to start accordion lessons.

January 19 - Tuesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store and busy all day. Out to Mrs. Steel’s house showing her caracal skins for a new coat. She decided to have a caracal instead of a seal. Ate at Eddie’s Chop House today. Started Marjorie’s Alaska seal coat today. Jack Dorfman, my barber, moved to a new location. Home by seven o’clock to dinner. Sat in parlor and enjoyed the radio and read the paper and to bed.

January 19 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Up and to the store. Busy all day. Home to dinner and an evening alone for Carl and I, which I enjoy very much. Children better to-day.

January 20 - Wednesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store and busy all day. Out to Eddie’s Chop House for lunch. Home at six to dinner. Back with Marj at eight to the store, and worked until nine o’clock, and then to the Palace to see "Gold Diggers of 1937." Very good show. Home and a lunch in the parlor, and to bed.

January 20 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Up and to store, worked till 3 P.M., then beauty parlor to have my hair done. Carl called for me. Home to dinner, back to store until 9:30. To the Palace to see "Gold Diggers of 1937" with Dick Powell & Joan Blondell. Very entertaining.

January 21 - Thursday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all day. Letter from Buell saying he and Marion could not accept our invitation for the weekend. So sorry. Wrote a letter inviting he and Darrell Decker down for dinner Sunday. Into my riding clothes at six o’clock and met Scotty, and we two off to Geneseo. Had a nice ride up to Geneseo afterwards to eat. When coming home at eleven o’clock it was snowing very hard. Home and to bed. I did the (3) middle jumps tonight.

January 21 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Up and to the store until noon. Then home in bus to care for children. Loretta’s day out. Bradley and I made his birthday cake. Turned out O.K. Bathe children and put them to bed. They still worry me with their colds. Listened to Major Bowes. Excellent to-nite. Carl riding with V. B. & Co., Scotty.

January 22 - Friday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store. Very busy on Mrs. Steele’s caracal coat all day. Out to Eddie’s Chop House for lunch at noon. Home at six o’clock and a present for Bradley. He is six years old today. He could not have a party on account of having the whooping cough. Marj baked a nice cake for him with 76 small candles around the outer edge of the cake plate and six larger ones on the cake. When lighted it looked very pretty. He was very excited, and received lots of presents. At eight o’clock to the Sunday School Bowling Party. Had a nice time. Met new Sunday School teacher. A very nice chap. Paul Shoddy.

January 22 - Friday - (Marjorie)

My dear little Bradley’s birthday. 6 yrs. old. I am so thankful for my lovely children. No party on account whooping cough. Never mind, he had lots of presents, ice cream & cake just the same, and proud mother and daddy and brothers to look on. At the store all day. Bowling to-nite. Sunday School class, Howard Road.

January 23 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and worked hard all day on caracal coat. Not many people in today. Very cold this morning on going to work and rather cold all day, but the sun shone brightly. Out to Eddie’s Chop House for lunch. Out to Doty’s at seven o’clock for dinner. Dot had a delicious dinner, and as usual I ate too much. Home early and very cold night out. Temperature down to 10 degrees. The Doty's have a new dog. Call him Michael. He is an Irish terrier.

January 23 - Saturday - (Marjorie)

Early to store. Fairly busy. Over to Doty’s for dinner and enjoyable evening of "movies" of their Havana trip. Home and to bed. Very cold to-nite.

January 24 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up by nine and light breakfast and to Sunday School with Ronald. I enjoyed the lesson given by the new Sunday School teacher, Paul Shoddy. Did not go riding as planned today with Scotty. Came home and had dinner. Buell phoned that he and Darrell had to turn back home, it was raining and freezing on the windshield so bad. We had expected them for dinner. Took a nap in the parlor after dinner. Listened to the Radio and had lunch in the parlor at seven o’clock. It rained here all of the afternoon and evening. Did not go out as planned to the store. Wrote a letter to Buell inviting he and Marion up the weekend of Feb. 6th.

January 24 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up at 8 o’clock, help Loretta with children. Carl and Ronald to Sunday School. I was so pleased they went. Buell and Darrell didn’t come for dinner, too slippery. Terrible weather. Loretta out in afternoon. Spent the day at home with children.

January 25 - Monday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and working all day on Marjorie’s coat. Out to lunch to Eddie’s Chop House and home at six o’clock.

January 25 - Monday - (Marjorie)

Up and to store, so many things to do before I go. Worry over children. Had specialist to-nite. Hope they improve more. Back to store in evening, worked very late, then to bed. Worn and tired out.

January 26 - Tuesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and working on Mrs. Steele’s coat all day. Out at five to fit same, and satisfactory. Backed out of their driveway and into a ditch and had to phone to be pulled out. Later had to stop in a garage and have my exhaust pipe sawed off. It had buckled up and would not allow any gas to escape. Home late to dinner. Listened to the Radio and to bed.

January 26 - Tuesday - (Marjorie)

Children show improvement. Off to store with plenty to do. No lunch to-day because I expect to-morrow afternoon off. Home at 6 o’clock very tired. Fell asleep in living room, so took myself to bed. What a life.

January 27 - Wednesday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and took Marjorie to Hazel Tiefel’s home at noon to a luncheon for Marie Kolb. Called for her at six o’clock, and took Ann Scinta down town and let her off at the Sagamore Hotel. Marjorie and I to the store and delivered Mrs. Steele’s coat. Came back and made and nailed a fox cape for Mrs. Irving Hartmann. To the show at nine to see Tyrone Power in "Lloyd’s of London." A grand show. Home and Marjorie made a lunch in the kitchen. To bed very tired.

January 27 - Wednesday - (Marjorie)

Rush to store for 1 hr. Then rush back, beauty parlor, manicure, back to store to dress for Hazel Tiefel’s luncheon 1 hr. late. Lovely party, but too fatigued to get interested in cards or anything. Carl took me out and called for me at 5:30. Back to store and worked until 9:30. Rush to see "Lloyd’s of London." Very good. Home at midnite, prepared supper and to bed.

January 28 - Thursday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and busy all day. Out late to Eddie’s Chop House for lunch. Marjorie stayed home today. Dressed at six o’clock to go riding. Wrote Buell a letter while waiting for Scotty to come along and pick me up. Did not like the horse I had to ride tonight as well as Black Hawk. Up to Geneseo later and had something to eat and drink. Home by 12:30 and to bed very tired.

January 28 - Thursday - (Marjorie)

Home all day to-day, Loretta out. Children feeling better. Carl riding to-nite. Expect to spend the rest of my life on Thursdays "alone".

January 29 - Friday - (Carl)

Up early and to the store, and making out the bills all morning. Not many people in. Mr. Thompson called me at noon and invited me to lunch. Spent the afternoon in court for Mr. Thompson. Back to the store at five, and out at six to Mother Bender’s to supper and to see Charlie. He has his leg in a cast and will have to be in bed 16 wks. Home early and to bed early. Did not feel so hot.

January 29 - Friday - (Marjorie)

Home all day caring for children. Roger has been very sick baby, whooping cough, bronchitis. Rested and retired early.

January 30 - Saturday - (Carl)

Up early, and Marjorie and I to the store, and the check from Mrs. Steele was in the mail and was I glad about that. Did not do much work today. Just seemed to be one of those days. Saw the car of my dreams today. A convertible Sedan. Red paint job and red leather upholstery. A Chrysler car. Boy, oh! Boy, is it gorgeous. I wish I could see my way clear to buy same. Home at six and after dinner out to get my license plates. Home and dressed and to the Scott’s apartment and later with them and another couple to the Peacock Room. Had a pleasant evening. Home by three o’clock. Had lunch with Mrs. Morphy today.

January 30 - (Marjorie)

Up, and down to store for 1 hr., then to beauty parlor and back to store. Worked all day, then home to dinner and dressed and over to Scott's for a cocktail & then to Peacock Room with Scott's & Gordon Grant. Nice time. Home @ 2 A.M. Tired and to bed.

January 31 - Sunday - (Carl)

Up early, and took Madeline over to Mother Bender’s, delivered a customer’s coat, and went over to Fritz’s sister, but she was not home. Home, and had dinner and sat in the parlor for a while, and then went to bed until six o’clock. Came down and listened to the Radio and had lunch with Marj and children. Did not feel good today. Hope I am not coming down with a cold. Roger is very sick today with his whooping cough, but is a Major through it all. After Walter Winchell program I am going to retire. Did not go riding today because of the bad weather. Rain and windy all day.

January 31 - Sunday - (Marjorie)

Up, and care for sick children. Ronald and Bradley much better. Roger very sick. Dr. Breeze, a specialist, calling every day. I will not leave the baby.

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