Me and Who

(sounds like a kiddies programme!)

This page is really just to put across my views on Doctor Who.

Doctor Who was a regular feature of my childhood, perhaps that is why returning to watch the show after many years I have found myself hooked completely on this story of a traveller through space and time.

Whereas most science-fiction has me reaching for the remote-control to turn over, Doctor Who is different, it makes me want to watch.

I couldn't say who my favourite Doctor has been, so perhaps the best answer is "Wonderful chap, all of them", as the Brigadier would say.

As for which my favourite story is, I think it has to be The Green Death, though Survival is also one of my favourites. I must however say that thus far I have never seen or read a Doctor Who story that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed.

I have to say that I feel that the criticism of the effects on the series are unfair, remembering that alot of the series was made over twenty years ago, and some over thirty. Even today, I don't look to criticise. I accept the effects for what they are, and don't feel the necessity to ponder over such facts as "How did the Dalek frisk the Thal in Planet of the Daleks?" I accept the facts for themselves. After all, if everyone can accept the fact that the TARDIS is larger on the inside than on the outside, such minor details as a Dalek being able to frisk a body with a plunger should also be accepted as what it is.

I felt that the TV movie was good in itself, but for me it lacked some of the magic of true Who. There were aspects of it which I felt didn't fit into the ethos of Who, though I thought that Paul McGann made a good Doctor.


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