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Initially, I had thought that I would do a couple of specialised pages about TV programmes like Doctor Who and any other TV links I had would be placed on my page of oddments. However, I realised whilst compiling these pages that some programmes had more than one link, and that if I wasn't careful the oddments page would be predominantly TV links.

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Therefore I decided to create this page, a general TV page, with one slight difference. Instead of just having a list of all the TV links I could find, I have decided to list those programs I enjoy, with a little information about each, and where appropriate links to my own pages about those programmes.

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I thought about seperating the programmes into categories such as Sci-fi and Comedy, but decided as some programmes crossed the borders between two types that instead I would just list each programme with a little information and the links.

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*Doctor Who
*Blakes 7
*Red Dwarf
*The Avengers
*The New Avengers
*The Persuaders
*Babylon 5


Doctor Who

Doctor Who started on 23rd November 1963. The programme ran for 26 years, and during that time 7 actors played the title role of the Doctor. Recently, a new telemovie starring Paul McGann as the Doctor, was produced and was shown in the UK in May 96. More information about Doctor Who can be found on my Red Who Page where I have created quizzes and puzzles for you to try.


Blake's 7

Blake's 7 is a British science fiction show devised by Terry Nation, who is also responsible for the Daleks in Doctor Who as well as being involved in many other shows. Blake's 7 began in 1978, and ran for 3 years.

More information about this show can be found on my Blake's 7 page where there are news, views, quizzes and details of my Blakes7 web ring.


Red Dwarf

This series joins the crew of a space-ship called the Red Dwarf after a freak accident which wiped out the entire crew except for 4 people, Dave Lister, a human; Arnold Rimmer, a hologram; Cat, a mutation of the ships cat; and Kryton, a mechanoid. They journey through a number of adventures together, along with the ship-board computer, Holly.

The series has so far run for 7 seasons, and the 8th season is will soon be under production. It stars Craig Charles as Dave Lister, Chris Barrie as Arnold Rimmer, Danny John-Jules as the Cat, and Robert Llewellyn as Kryton. Season 7 saw the return of Kochanski, played by Chloe Annett, who also starred in Crime Traveller.

Red Dwarf Links


The Avengers

This starred Patrick MacNee in the role of John Steed with a variety of female assistants including Honor Blackman as Catherine Gale and Diana Rigg as Mrs Emma Peel.

The Avengers (Glasgow, UK)
The Avengers (Canada)


The New Avengers

This was made in 1976 as a follow-up series to the Avengers. It starred Patrick MacNee again in the role of John Steed, with two new sidekicks, Joanna Lumley who played Purdey and Gareth Hunt, who played Mike Gambit.

The New Avengers Homepage


The Persuaders

Anonymous invitations to a hotel on the Cote D'Azure bring a rich American business man and a British aristocrat together which leads to them teaming up for a series of dangerous and challenging adventures.

This series starred Roger Moore as Lord Brett Sinclair and Tony Curtis as his American friend Daniel Wilde. There were 23 episodes in total, and the series was first broadcast in the early 1970s.

Episode Guide
Photo Stills from the show.



This was another creation of Terry Nation. It is set just after a deadly virus has wiped out the majority of the world's population. It follows a group of people as they learn to survive in a world with no technology, no medicine and no communities.

The Survivors Homepage


Babylon 5 is a series set upon a space station bases in neutral space. It is a place where all races, human and alien can meet and co-exist happily. The series has a 5 season span and is currently midway through the final season on Channel 4.

Babylon 5 follows the day to day life of the inhabitants of the space station, their interactions, and their friendships and dislikes.


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