This is a piece of fan-fiction based on Disney's "The Lion King". It is not intended to infringe on their material.

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The Trial of Scar

In all the commotion that took place that rainy night, no-one paid anymore attention to the fate of Scar after he was catapulted over the edge of the cliff. It was widely accepted that he had met his fate at the hand of the hyenas. Well, to a certain extent this was true, but it was probably not as they had imagined....

The rain continued to slash down, and the fire raged around him as Scar staggered to his feet. Shaking himself, he looked up to realise that he was encircled by a large number of hyenas, moving slowly towards him. He tried explaining that he'd only said they were the enemy to try to fool Simba, but the look on their faces made him realise that he was not going to be believed this time.

The hyenas leapt towards him. Scar had not felt such fear before this day, and now he felt it for the second time. The first time had been when Simba reappeared because for a moment in the poor light he'd thought that it was Mufasa, back to haunt him. And now as the hyenas leapt towards him, Scar was sure that he was about to meet his death. Within seconds of the attack Scar's world went black...

He awoke to find himself back in the Elephants graveyard. Could this really be the next life? He'd heard stories about the next life being a place that you knew well, but surely this couldn't be it. The sound of laughter made him look round, and it suddenly dawned on him as he saw Ed laughing infront of him, that he wasn't dead after all. He tried to stand up, but realised that he was strapped firmly to a rock, which incidently resembled a chair.

The rain was still falling heavily, and each drop seemed to hit hard upon his battered body. The rain seemed to be falling towards him, straight into his face.

He looked bleary eyed around him, and realised that a large number of hyenas were sat on the sides of the rocks looking down on him. In front of him were three hyenas who he knew very well, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed...

He gave a weak grin, and said, "My friends..." Ed laughed, and Banzai shouted, "Now!"

Suddenly a huge light that seemed to bore straight through him, shone into Scar's eyes. He tried to close his eyes to block it out, but to no avail.

The rain made the light more intense as the light defracted through the rain drops, causing the glare to Scar's eyes to be even harsher, almost blinding.

Shenzi, paced up and down in front of him, and stopping turned to the onlooking hyenas and said, "I would hereby like to start proceedings on this the trial of Scar. He stands accused of treachery, lying, slander and neglect.", and turning to Scar, "How do you plead??"

Scar, blinking against the light, replied, "But you don't understand.."

He trailed off as the light grew ever more intense...

And then it began, the endless questions. Would they never stop. There seemed to be no pauses, no gaps, no time for answers, or denials.

"Do you deny that you turned your back on us, when Simba returned?" "Do you deny calling us, and I quote `the enemy'?" "Do you deny neglecting us? You promised us food, and you let us down." "You lied to us to get us to help you defeat could never have done that on your own!"

And so the questions went on. Scar's brain reeled with the non-stop questioning.

At last, the questions ceased, but still the light shone down upon him. The rain intensified and now fell in what seemed like continuous sheets, slashing hard down on Scar's face.

"Would you like to answer?", asked Banzai.

Scar raised his eyebrows, and smiled nervously, water rolling down his cheeks..

"I would like to explain...I had to say those things to Simba, if I was to have any hope of him letting me stay here in the Pridelands. I want him dead, and with your help..."Scar trailed off looking hopefully at the hyenas who surrounded him.

"Do you really think we would trust you again Scar?",asked Shenzi, "after all the promises you made us last time, and may I remind the jury, failed to keep."

"But, that was the lionesses fault, not mine", protested Scar, "this time would be different, I promise."

"Why, would you personally hunt for our food yourself? Or perhaps, you would stand by us this time, rather than at the first sign of trouble distancing yourself from us, and calling us the enemy, whilst trying to ingratiate yourself, with someone, you asked us to kill.", Shenzi suggested.

"If you'd killed Simba, when I asked you to, none of this would have happened.", Scar snarled at Shenzi.

As he snapped this comment out the light was intensified, and he suddenly became aware of a small electrical charge which was passing through his bonds.

"Can you feel that? Remember Scar, you're on trial, we're not, and if you are so un-cooperative we'll have to increase the charge.", Banzai stated.

Scar grimaced. "What do you intend doing with me? You can't keep me here for ever."

"You're right Scar, we'll let you go...", Shenzi began.

"Oh thank-you. I will do anything you want.", Scar said.

"Let me finish Scar.", Shenzi continued,"We'll let you go when you admit that you let us down. If you don't well, we'll leave you tied up there. After all, one more skeleton will make little difference to this place."

Ed laughed, and was joined by the hyenas all sat on the rocks.

"You see Scar, we don't need you, we just want you to admit your guilt." Banzai said, carrying on from where Shenzi had left off.

"And if I plead guilty, you'll let me go."Scar checked, his mind racing through the possibilities.

"That's what we said Scar." Shenzi responded, "Have you come to a decision?"

"I admit it."Scar said through clenched teeth.

"There you have it, members of the jury, and the public, Scar admits his guilt." Shenzi said, facing the masses of hyenas.

"Then let me go."snarled Scar.

"Certainly. Ed press the button to release the bonds.",Shenzi requested, and as she turned away from Scar to face the hyenas a broad smile graced her face.

Scar prepared himself to leap from the rock where he was held as soon as the bonds were loosened. He would prove to these hyenas who was boss. How dare they treat him like this.

Ed pressed a large button, and 12,000 Volts shot through Scar's body, and he slumped down in spite of the bonds.

"Ooops.", said Ed.

"Members of the jury.", Shenzi began, "Justice has been served. As decided earlier whilst he was still unconcious, we have metted out a punishment to fit the crime. Just as he lied to us about his friendship for us, I lied to him about his release. He wasn't as intelligent as he made out was he?"

And with that the case was closed.

The hyenas dispersed into the night, and when light broke vultures were circling the graveyard.

The End.
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