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Treacle was born on 8th April 1988. Her mother was a tabby, father was unknown. She had 2 sisters, and 2 brothers. One of her sisters, Toffee, also came to live with us.

Treacle was a tabby/tortoiseshell and white female cat. She had short hair and appeared to be part Abyssinian, as she had tufts on her ears, a ticked tabby coat, long slim tail and legs.

Treacle was a great huntress, but as she never developed her adult teeth, she would bring her prey in live, and her sister Toffee would have to finish them off!

She had some unusual tastes in food, as she loved spaghetti bolognese, often ending up with tomato stains on the white fur around her mouth. She also like cheese flavour savoury biscuits.

Unfortunately she was killed in October 1997 by a hit and run driver. Fortunately her body was not marked. She is still greatly missed.

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