Toffee's Tails

Toffee was born on 8th April 1988. She was the firstborn of the litter, and was at the time of birth the biggest kitten. Her mother was a tabby, father was unknown. She had 2 sisters, and 2 brothers. One of her sisters, Treacle, also came to live with us.

Toffee was a tortoiseshell and white female cat. She had short hair and was quite a solidly built girl.

Toffee had a wonderful character. She would run upstairs every morning for attention. In the evening if she felt it was time for dinner, she would sit on the arm of the chair next to you. If you didn't get up, she would take mouthfuls of your hair and pull - that worked well!

Her sister Treacle was a great huntress, but as she never developed her adult teeth, she would bring her prey in live, and Toffee would finish them off!

Unfortunately she had to put to sleep in November 2001, due to late onset diabetes. She must have had a mild heart attack which led to all her organs shutting down. There was sadly nothing the vet could do. She is still greatly missed.

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