Kate & Scott's Stag and Hen Weekend

Early on we decided that we didn't want seperate stag and hen dos as most of our friends are joint friends, and we'd rather do something together with all of them.

With this in mind, my chief bridemaid set about finding a suitable activity for us, and organising our friends. Rather than just having a night out, as most of our friends would have to travel to join us, Mel suggested a weekend away.

She kept the details secret until the very last minute, and organised it all with our friends.

The venue for the weekend was Ruda Holiday Park in Croyde Bay, Devon. The date for the trip was set for two weeks before the wedding.

The holiday park is right on the West coast of North Devon, not far from Exmoor. Sadly Exmoor would prove to be unavailable to us due to the Foot and Mouth outbreak at the time.

Fourteen people came along in total, and we had 3 mobile homes between us. We arrived in stages on the Friday evening, Scott and myself being the first to arrive. The caravans were well equipped, though unfortunately they were a little on the cold side, as it was early April after all.

Our caravan was at the top of the site, and therefore had a great view over towards the sea. It was quite breezy whilst we were there and there were huge waves (great for surfers).

The site was surprisingly busy considering it was so early in the year, but it wasn't overrun with people so that was nice.

Throughout the Friday night our friends arrived, with Mel and Ben being last to arrive at around midnight. Once assembled, the motley crew consisted of;

Me, Scott, Mel, Ben, Carl, Justin, Jim, Pam, Si, Col, Becky, Matt, Sarah and Claire.

On the Saturday, Scott and I were set tasks to achieve, with forfeits if we didn't manage to complete a task. The tasks included things like;

Scott and I did quite well, and achieved most of our tasks. We had to do a couple of forfeits, but these were predominantly things like down your drink, and swap tops with someone of the opposite sex, and we were able to nominate someone to do the forfeit with us.

After the tasks and forfeits we all went for drinks and food at the on-site pub. During the evening Ben proposed to Mel, at which she leapt on him, and pinned him to the floor! We then returned to the caravans and had drinks and listened to music.

The Sunday was quieter. That morning we spent some time playing in the sand dunes. We then all made our own arrangements for lunch. We got together for the quiz at the pub, which we won. Our prize was a bottle of Asti.

The majority of us headed home on the Sunday evening, as we had work the next day, but a few stayed behind till the Monday to make the most of the weekend.

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