Kate & Scott's Wedding Service

The service started at 3.30pm. I entered to the traditional Bridal March.

All the guests were given a copy of the wedding service. which included all the hymns.

The first hymn was "Guide me, O though great redeemer" which has a Welsh tune (Cwm Rhondda) so was quite appropriate given the setting.

We then had a reading from the letters of St Paul, followed by Psalm 121.

It was then time for the marriage ceremony itself. This went well with neither of us forgetting our words or getting stage-fright.

Following the ceremony, Scott's brother read Shakespeare's Sonnet 116, after which we sang "Praise my Soul the King of Heaven" which my parents had at their wedding.

This was followed by prayers, and Libby Toye sang "The Lord is My Shepherd" whilst we signed the register.

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