Red Who Quiz 3

This is the third quiz. The majority of questions in this quiz were devised by Kate Dunn, excluding question 23, which was devised by Scott Morris.

Please feel free to mail with any comments about the the quiz, or with any questions you would like me to include in the next quiz.

[Piccy of Dalek]

The Questions

  1. Which two famous British satirists found themselves in a Paris Art Gallery, admiring the beauty of a London Police Box, which to their great delight suddenly vanished into thin air?
  2. Which actress who later went on to play one of the Doctor's companions was initially considered to play Susan?
  3. Who played the 1st Doctor in the 5 Doctors?
  4. What is the Matrix?
  5. What is the 1st Law of Time?
  6. Romana achieved a triple first. What did the Doctor achieve?
  7. In which adventure did the Doctor first assume the alias of Dr.John Smith?
  8. K9 was the fourth Doctor's robotic dog. Who was K1?
  9. What does UNIT stand for?
  10. Nicholas Courtney who plays the Brigadier starred in a much earlier Doctor Who. What part did he play?
  11. How was Mondas destroyed?
  12. What is a cybermat?
  13. Which story was the 100th Doctor Who story?
  14. What is the Dalek factor?
  15. Who played:-
    a) Ace?
    b) Jo Grant?
    c) Dodo Chaplet?
    d) Turlough?
    e) Harry Sullivan?
    f) Jamie McCrimmon?
    g) Susan Foreman?
    h) Steven Taylor?
  16. Who was the Doctor initially mistaken for in the Mythmakers?
  17. Which school did Susan attend?
  18. K9 was originally the pet of whom?
  19. To which planet did the 5th Doctor banish the Master?
  20. What lies at the centre of the Universe?
  21. What was Sutekh's gift to humanity?
  22. According to the Doctor who knitted his scarf?
  23. Name two stories that the actor Roy Stewart appeared in.
  24. What do the initials IMC stand for?
  25. What is BOSS?

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