Red Who Quiz 2

This is a second quiz. The majority of questions in this quiz were devised by Kate Dunn, excluding questions 6, 22, 23, 24 and 25, which were devised by Scott Morris.

Please feel free to mail with any comments about the the quiz, or with any questions you would like me to include in the next quiz.

[Piccy of Dalek]

The Questions

  1. The first episode of which story was broadcast on the 24th Anniversary of the show starting?
  2. Tony Caunter who plays Roy Evans in Eastenders has also appeared in three Doctor Who stories. What were they?
  3. Honor Blackman, better known for her roles in James Bond and The Avengers starred in The Trial of a Timelord as which character?
  4. Ian Marter who played Harry Sullivan, also appeared in Carnival of Monsters as a different character. Who did he play?
  5. Who called Romana a meddling hussy?
  6. Who directed the Mind of Evil and The Silurians?
  7. Who wrote the novelisation of Enlightenment?
  8. Who was the script editor for The Tomb of the Cybermen?
  9. In which story does the Doctor say, "I am not a student of human nature. I am a professor of a far wider academy of which human nature is merely a part."?
  10. Who was the head of Wenley Moor Research Station?
  11. In which story does the Doctor say to the Brigadier, "Do you think for once in your life you could arrive before the nick of time?"
  12. What is Ace's real name?
  13. To which hospital was the Doctor admitted when the Time Lords exiled him to Earth?
  14. Fetch Priory was the scene of which Doctor Who adventure?
  15. By what name did the Kinda know the people of the dome?
  16. What is Romana's full name?
  17. Who stayed with Glitz on the Nosferatu II?
  18. In Seeds of Doom who was the first to be infected by the Krynoid?
  19. In which story do we meet Lupton?
  20. Who wrote the novelisation of The Sensorites?
  21. Hecate was the pagan goddess worshipped by the cult in K9 and Company. It was also the name of a spaceship in which story?
  22. Who funded the expedition to Telos?
  23. Who was the very wooden son of a famous Scottish actor in Vengeance on Varos?
  24. Where does the Doctor offer to take Sarah on holiday at the beginning of Death to the Daleks?
  25. What were the prototype Mr Blobby's in The Three Doctors called?

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