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The questions in this quiz were originally devised by Kate Dunn, as a source of entertainment for a major who-fan friend of hers. The questions are all from the head of Kate Dunn, and so therefore, any similarity to questions asked in other people's Who Quiz's is purely unintentional. The answers have all been checked using the various Doctor Who reference books available.

All the questions are based on the original Doctor Who series, and so none of the questions refer to or account for Missing Adventures or New Adventures.

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The Red Who Quiz

1. How many Doctor Who stories has the actor John Levene starred in?
2. In which story was the Doctor first described as a Prydonian Renegade?
3. In which story do we first meet Josephine Grant?
4. Which was the first story Colin Baker appeared in?
5. Guy Siner, better known for playing Lieutenant Gruber in Allo Allo, also appeared in Doctor Who. Which story did he appear in, and what part did he play?
6. In which story does the Master call the Daleks Stupid Tin Boxes?
7. What was the working title for An Unearthly Child
8. In The Daemons the Master recited a Black Mass. In reality it is a well known nursery rhyme said backwards. Which one?
9. Which story heralds the only time we see Romana's sonic screwdriver?
10. The first episode of which story marked the 500th episode of Doctor Who?
11. Which story included the episode entitled Journey into Terror?
12. Which member of UNIT was supposed to be going on a date with Jo Grant when she and the Doctor ended up on Peladon instead?
13. What was the real name of Professor Jones' community which was nicknamed The Nuthutch?
14. Where was the Tharils Gateway located?
15. In which story does the Doctor go inside the Rani's TARDIS?
16. What makes the robot in Robot grow to its enormous size?
17. Which story was the 150th Doctor Who story?
18. Who destroyed BOSS?
19. Which story saw the introduction of Ace?
20. Who did King Yrcanos marry?
21. Jacqueline Pearce, who played Servalan in Blakes 7 starred in the Two Doctors as which character?
22. In which adventure was the Doctor's sonic screwdriver destroyed?
23. In which story did we first see the TARDIS's secondary control room?
24. Who was Bill Filer?
25. Who was first offered the post of UNIT scientific advisor?

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