Red's Puffkin page

I have just discovered Puffkins in the local toy store and bought my first two. They are very cute, so I will probably end up buying more :) I am happy to trade for or buy the Puffkins I want. I have beanies, Care bears and other items available for trade.

My Puffkins

Olley the Owl
Shadow the Cat

Puffkins I Want

Albert the Alligator
Amber the Tan Monkey
Aussie the Koala Bear
Baldwin the Bald Eagle
Bandit the Raccoon
Benny the Black Bear
Biff the Buffalo
Bruno the Bull
Buttercup the Yellow Bear
Casey the Cardinal
Chomper the Beaver
Cinder the Dalmation
Cinnamon the Tan Cat
Crystal the White Bear
Ding the Bat
Dottie the Ladybug
Elly the Elephant
Flo the Flamingo
Flurry the Snowman
Franklin the Fox
Ginger the Giraffe
Griswald the Brown Bear
Gourdy the Pumpkin
Gus the Moose
Hazel the Witch
Henrietta the Hippopotamus
Ho Ho the Santa
Jingles the Green Bear
Lancaster the Lion
Lily the Frog
Lizzy the Lamb
Lucky the White Rabbit
Magic the Unicorn
Mango the Orange Bear
Max the Gorilla
Meadow the Cow
Milo the Black Monkey
Murphy the Mouse
Nutty the Squirrel
Odie the Skunk
Omar the Orangutan
Paws the White Cat
Peeps the Chick
Percy the Pig
Peter the Panda Bear
Quakster the Duck
Red the Devil
Rosie the Pink Bear
Shelly the Turtle
Skylar theBlue Bear
Slick the Seal
Spike the Porcupine
Strut the Turkey
Swoop the Falcon
Tasha the White Tiger
Telly the Teal Bear
Tibbs the Tan Rabbit
Tipper the Tiger
Trixy the White Monkey
Tux the Penguin
Violet the Purple Bear
Whiskers the Walrus
Zack the Zebra
Armour the Armadillo
Bosley the Bulldog
Dinky the Yellow Dinosaur
Drake the Red Dinosaur
Fetch the Brown Dog
Honey the Tan Bear
Pickles the Green Dinosaur
Toby the Whale
Snowball the White Tiger

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