Aldbourne Panel Session

As part of the Aldbourne convention there were a number of panel sessions where the members of cast asked questions from the audience. Here are some of the questions and the answers given. These may not be word precise as I only took notes but the gist of the answer is the same.

If you could relive any moment what would it be?

Jon Pertwee: Getting the part originally.
Nicholas Courtney: I would have liked to have been able to use more of my own lines in the show.

Which female companion would you have liked to be? - asked to Nicholas Courtney.

Nicholas Courtney: Katy Manning... wouldn't any man?

What were your opinions of Doctor Who before joining the show?

Barry Letts: I thought that it was a great show that children of all ages would enjoy. I thought it to be fascinating, but I was never a hooked fan.
Damaris Hayman: I loved the first ones. When I was offered the part in the Daemons I thought "Oh". I told a friend who said, "Wow, it's got Jon Pertwee in now.", so I watched a few and since then I've thought it was great.
Terrance Dicks: I am a general sci-fi fan and watched it purely as that.

Did you enjoy making the radio stories?

Nicholas Courtney: Yes
Jon Pertwee: Yes
Barry Letts: Yes. The radio series was great fun to do. Making it made it feel like 25 years had just vanished.
Jon Pertwee: After the TV series finished I suggested to the BBC that we make a radio version of Doctor Who. After nine months the BBC agreed. Nine months after that Paradise of Death was broadcast. When it was repeated episode 4 was played twice, after which Nicholas rang me to say "More royalties!" After the success of Paradise of Death I suggested that we did another. Barry Letts had a story that he thought would be ideal. However, it took two and a half years to get Ghosts of N-Space on the air. Incidently the audio cassette of Ghosts of N-space went straight in at Number 1.

When you were offered the part of the Doctor did you take it immediately or did you have to think about it? - question to Jon Pertwee.

Jon Pertwee: When I heard that Patrick Troughton was leaving the series I asked my agent to put my name forward for the role. When he got through and explained who I was and what I wanted there was a long silence at the other end. My agent said that he'd thought I wouldn't be what they wanted but they so said no, they were just surprised as I was actually second on the their shortlist behind Ron Moody. I was offered the part and the rest is history.

Would you like to take part in the new Doctor Who should it become a series?

Jon Pertwee: I would dearly love to do a multi-doctor story. I'm getting a little too old to be the lead Doctor but I would love a bit part.
Nicholas Courtney, Richard Franklin and Jon Levene would also like to take part in any new Who.

Which was your favourite story?

Jon Pertwee: The Daemons. I used to have Bok sat in my garden in among the shrubbery. One day our gardener who was Irish came charging up the garden saying that the devil was sat in the shrubbery and he never came back. Unfortunately, one day my son came up to me and said, "Papa, Bok's melted." and sure enough when I went out to check he had. There again he was only made of polystyrene.
Nicholas Courtney: Inferno, though I preferred playing the Brigadier to Brigade Leader. The one story which really freaked me out was the Green Death. It was those maggots!
Barry Letts: The Daemons
Terrance Dicks: The Daemons
Damaris Hayman: The Daemons and the Sea Devils. I always desperately wanted a Sea Devil.

What was the most unusual event when filming Doctor Who?

Barry Letts: The weather. When we were filming Claws of Axos we had a strange assortment of weather. One day we had snow, the next day rain, the next bright sunshine. We had to add a line to the script to account for freak weather conditions

How would you describe the Brigadier? - to Nicholas Courtney

Nicholas Courtney: The man who did his best.

Which actor who played the Doctor do you like the best? - to Nicholas Courtney

Nicholas Courtney: As the Brigadier would say, Wonderful chaps, all of them.

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