Cuddle Olympics

The first Cuddle Olympics took place in early August 1996.

There were 6 events, and 18 Cuddlers took part, including 4 lurkers who chose to make themselves known at this event.


Event 1 - The Cross Country Cookie Hunt

The event started with 13 hungry cuddlers at the starting line. A whistle was blown and Cuddlers scattered in search of the illusive cookies. All the competitors found at least 26 cookies, and the most found by one competitor was 41 cookies. All the cookies were eaten as the contest went on.

The final results were as follows:-

1st - S@ndra    41 cookies  {}
2nd - Rachael   40 cookies  {}
3rd - Locksley  37 cookies  {}

Event 2 - Hug an Opposition

This was a very popular event with 15 Cuddlers taking part. The aim of the event was to hug as many people as possible within the 3 minute timelimit. This resulted in a high level of hugging activity, and the World Record for people hugged in 3 minutes was broken. The final results were:-

1st - Galahad     198 people hugged (WR)  {}
2nd - CuddleDuck  189 people hugged  {}
3rd - Vivan       171 people hugged  {}
3rd - Blue Bear   171 people hugged  {}

Event 3 - Breadstick Throw

This event, similar in someways to the javelin attracted 10 entries, including 3 newbies. The idea was to see who could throw the bread sticks the furthest. Needless to say after the event, the breadsticks were filled with delicious fillings and were eaten. The results for this event were:-

1st - The Watcher  Threw 54ft  {} --NEWBIE--
2nd - CuddleDuck   Threw 52ft  {}
3rd - Bobcat       Threw 48ft  {} --NEWBIE--
3rd - CuddleKitten Threw 48ft  {}
3rd - Donna        Threw 48ft  {}

Event 4 - The Great Ice-Cream Eat

As with all food related events in CuddleLand this attracted quite a few entries, from Cuddlers who'd been practicing their scooping techniques for days/weeks/years :). 13 Cuddlers took part, and a total of 341 scoops of ice-cream were eaten in the 15 minutes the competition lasted. All sorts of flavours were eaten. The results were as follows:-

1st - Tuggy Bear        Ate 37 scoops  {}
2nd - Rachael           Ate 33 scoops  {}
3rd - CowTigger         Ate 30 scoops  {}
3rd - Lisa the Dreamer  Ate 30 scoops  {}

Event 5 - Lob a Potato

A similar event to the more common Shotput. 10 Cuddlers took part, hurling potatoes as far as they could. After the event the potatoes were turned into the biggest portion of Mashed Potato ever seen, and provided a feast for everyone in CuddleLand. The results of the competition were:

1st - Jeremy       Lobbed 25ft  {} --NEWBIE--
2nd - CuddleAngel  Lobbed 22ft  {}
3rd - Liam         Lobbed 21ft  {}
3rd - Blue Bear    Lobbed 21ft  {}

Event 6 - Tree Climbing

An event which was expected to be dominated by the felines and bears of CuddleLand, attracted 13 competitors, of which 4 were newbies. The aim of the event was to see which Cuddler could climb highest up the tree in 10 minutes. At the end of the event all the competitors hugged the tree. The event proved to be a good one for the Newbies. The results were as follows:

1st - Bobcat       23ft climbed  {} --NEWBIE--
2nd - The Watcher  22ft climbed  {} --NEWBIE--
3rd - John         20ft climbed  {} --NEWBIE--
3rd - CuddleAngel  20ft climbed  {}


Competitor          |  GOLD  |  SILVER  |  BRONZE  |

The Watcher             1         1
Bobcat                  1                    1
S@ndra                  1
Galahad                 1
TuggyBear               1
Jeremy                  1
Rachael                           2
CuddleDuck                        2
CuddleAngel                       1          1
BlueBear                                     2
Locksley                                     1
Vivan                                        1
CowTigger                                    1
John                                         1
Lisa                                         1
Liam                                         1
Donna                                        1
CuddleKitten                                 1

Congratulations to all the Cuddlers. Hugs and Cuddles all round.

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