Red's Little Pony Want List

This is my current list of wants. This is not all the ponies I haven't got, so if you want one of the ponies on my trade list, let me know what you have to offer and we'll see if we can do a trade.

This list was last updated on 21 January 99

A ** next to the name means I'm currently trying to organise a trade for that pony.

Top Ten Most Wanted

  1. TAF Babies (except Milky Way)- will trade UK ponies for them
  2. Colorswirl Ponies
  3. Baby Graffiti
  4. Baby Scribbles
  5. Baby Cherries Jubilee
  6. Baby Hopscotch & Baby Honeycomb
  7. Baby Rainribbon
  8. Tickles
  9. Pinwheel
  10. Trickles


Rainbow: Pinwheel, Tickle, Trickles, Starflower


Newborn Twins: Jangles&Tangles, Dibbles&Nibbles, Sniffles, Milkweed&Tumbleweed, Tattles

Slumber Party: Pillowtalk, Nightcap, Sleepy Head, Sleep Tight

Soft Sleepy Newborns: Pink Dreams, Sweet Dreams, Hush-a-Bye


TAF: Night Glider, Buttons, Munchy

Princess Ponies: All

Brush'N'Grow: Twisty Tail

Magic Message: Cloud Dreamer

Peek A Boo: Baby Snippy, Baby Ribbs, Baby Whirly Twirl, Baby Grafitti

Summerwing: Glow, Lady Flutter, Buzzer, High Flier

Newborn Twins: Toppy&Big Top, Sandcastle&Shovels, Tickles&Giggles, Fleecy, Puddles&Peeks


Windy Wings: Sunglider, Whirly, Flurry, Moonjumper, Starry Wings

Baby Pony & Pals: Baby Stripes & panda, Baby Lucky Leaf & calf, Baby Pockets & kangaroo


Rainbow Curl: Raincurl


Baby Rainbow Ponies: Baby Rainribbon

Baby Ballerina: Toe Dancer, Soft Steps


Colourswirl: All

Paradise Baby Ponies: All

Mail Order

L'il Tot
Satin'n'Lace, Coat'n'Tails
Baby Blue Ribbon
Dabble, Scribbles
L'il Sweetcake, L'il Cupcake
Baby Sugarcake, Baby Gametime
TAF Babies: All except Milky Way
Mommy & Baby
Purple Valentines Day Twin

UK Ponies

Baby Ponies: Baby Buttons, Baby Cherries Jubilee, Baby Gusty (non BBE), Baby Hopscotch, Baby Honeycomb
School Time Ponies: Sports Time, Art Time
Prize Day, Pretty Hoof, Tourist
Best Friends: All
Family Friends and Family Babies: All except Baby Berrytown
Sweetie Babies: Baby Lollipop, Baby Licorice
Jewellary Babies: All except Pearl

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