Red's Little Pony sale and trade List

The list below shows the ponies I currently have for sale or to trade. A T next to the name means a trade is being negotiated. An S means that a sale is pending. If you want a description of any of the ponies mail me

If you don't have any ponies to trade but want one of the ones I have on offer, make me an offer in either UK or US $. Some have a suggested price alongside.

Ponies for Sale

UK Straight-headed Applejack & Baby Applejack $85
Princess Tiffany & Fiery (UK dragon) $40
UK Gypsy, Hopscotch, Honeycomb and Snowflake set $90
Baby Lucky $20

Ponies for trade

1986 Annual
1987 Annual
1989 Annual
1990 Annual
Book - Lickety Split and the Wood Sprites
Book - Strange times in Ponyland
UK Exclusive book: The Cross Weather Witch
UK Exclusive Book: A Shock at the Stable Show
UK Exclusive Book: Surfdancer and the Little Mermaid

Tutti Fruiti
Straight-headed Bowtie
Confetti (UK pose)
Baby Sister Apple Delight
Baby Abacus
Kiss Curl
Baby Brother Bright Bouquet
Princess Royal Blue x2
Bowtie x2
Lavender Ember - no tail
Banana Surprise
Bubblefish - no fish
Daddy Apple Delight
TAF Fifi
Sherbet Surprise
TAF Sugarberry
Baby Dots'n'Hearts
Baby Northstar
Pony Bride x3
Cherries Jubilee
Flower Burst
Teeny-tiny (one with hat)
Pretty & Pearly Beachcomber
Watercolour Sealight
Peach Blossom
Morning Glory
Tropical Breeze
Wind Drifter
Cloud Puff
Pink Dreams

Come back soon and have a look at what's new.

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