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This is a list of all the ponies I have currently in my collection. This is changing regularly. None of the ponies on this page are available for sale or trade as they are my own personal collection, so please don't ask. If you are interested in trading please look at my trade page.

Year 1 : 1982 - 1983

Collector Ponies: Blossom, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Snuzzle, Minty

Year 2 : 1983 - 1984

Earth Ponies: Bowtie, Bubbles, Seashell

Unicorn and Pegasus: Glory, Medley, Moondancer, Twilight

Rainbow Ponies: Moonstone, Parasol, Skydancer, Starshine, Windy, Sunlight

Baby Pony: Baby Ember

Year 3 : 1984 - 1985

Earth Ponies: Cherry Jubilee, Lickety-split, Posey, Tootsie

Unicorn and Pegasus: Gusty, Heart-Throb, Powder, Skyflier, Sparkler, Surprise

Rainbow Ponies: Confetti, Flutterbye

Specials: Sundance

Baby Ponies: Baby Blossom, Baby Cotton Candy, Baby Firefly, Baby Glory, Baby Moondancer, Baby Surprise

Year 4 : 1985 - 1986

Baby Ponies with BBE: Baby Gusty, Baby Heart-Throb

Specials: Baby Sundance with BBE

Year 5 : 1986 - 1987

Twice as Fancy Ponies: Dancing Butterflies, Love Melody, Milky Way, Strawberry Fair, Sweet Stuff, Up up and Away

Princess Ponies: Princess Amber, Princess Amethyst, Princess Aquamarine, Princess Pearl, Princess Ruby, Princess Sapphire

Big Brother Ponies: Salty, Steamer, Tex

Baby Ponies with first tooth: Baby Bouncy, Baby Fifi, Baby Lickety-Split, Baby Northstar, Baby Quackers, Baby Tic-tac-toe

Newborn Twins: Noodles, Rattles, Snookums

Year 6 : 1987 - 1988

Twice As Fancy Ponies: Bonnie Bonnets, Merriweather, Yum Yum

Ice Cream Ponies (US Name - Sundae Best Ponies): Banana Surprise, Cherry Berry, Crunch Berry, Peppermint Crunch, Sorbet Surprise, Swirly Whirly

Brush'n'Grow Ponies: Bouquet, Braided Beauty, Curly Locks, Pretty Vision, Ringlets

Big Brother Ponies: Chief

Magic Message Ponies: Cuddles, Floater, Magical Breeze, Magic Hat, Mirror Mirror

Peek-a-Boo babies: Baby Noddins, Baby Sweet Stuff

Summerwing Ponies: Little Flitter, Skydancer

Newborn Twin ponies: Fluffy, Sticky & Sniffles, Toppy

Sweetberry Ponies: Strawberry Surprise

Year 7 : 1988 - 1989

Playtime Baby Brothers: Baby Drummer, Baby Racer, Baby Waddles

Sunshine Ponies: Beach Ball, Sand Digger, Wave Runner

Baby Fancy Pants Ponies: Baby Dots'n'Hearts, Baby Splashes, Baby Sunnybunch, Baby Starburst

Windy Wing Ponies: Cool Breeze

Newborn Ponies: Dangles, Shaggy, Squirmy, Tappy, Wriggles, Yoyo

Princess Brush'n'Grow: Stargleamer

Loving Family Ponies

Baby Apple Delight (boy)
Baby Apple Delight (girl)
Mommy Apple Delight
Daddy Apple Delight
Baby Sweet Celebrations (boy)
Baby Sweet Celebrations (girl)
Mommy Sweet Celebrations
Daddy Sweet Celebrations
Baby Bright Bouquet (girl)
Baby Bright Bouquet (boy)
Mommy Bright Bouquet
Daddy Bright Bouquet

Baby Pony & Pals: Baby Fleecy + lamb

Specials: TAF Sundance

Year 8 : 1989 - 1990

Rainbow Curl Ponies: Rainbow Magic (US name - Ringlet), Rainbow Rider (US name - Streaky), Rainbow Storyteller (US name - Stripes)

Drink'n'Wet Baby: Baby Wellyboot

Christmas Pony: Merry Treat

Wedding Pony: Pony Bride

Year 9 : 1990 - 1991

Baby Rainbow Ponies: Baby Starbow, Baby Sunribbon

Baby Ballerinas: Sweetsteps, Tippytoes

Year 10 : 1991 - 1992

Wedding Pony: Bridal Beauty

Birthday Pony: Birthday

Mail Order Ponies

Baby Ember: Lavender with Pink Hair, All Blue, Pink with Purple Hair
Kelloggs Christmas Baby
Chuck E Cheese Baby
Valentines Twins: White
TAF Babies: Milky Way

UK Only Ponies

Alternative UK Ponies: Straightheaded Applejack, Non so-soft Windwhistler, non BBE baby Heart-throb, non so-soft Shady

Other Ponies: Gypsy, Honeycomb, Hopskotch, Snowflake

Baby Ponies: Baby Applejack, Baby Bowtie, Baby Lemondrop

Party Gift Pack: Tutti Frutti

Activity Club Pony: Baby Fun'n'Games

Schooltime Ponies: Musictime, Playtime

Playschool Baby Ponies: Baby Abacus, Baby Alphabet, Baby Pictures, Baby Satchel

Cookery Ponies: Sweet Delight (UK version), Vanilla Treat

My Little Pony Tales ponies: Bonbon, Bright Eyes

Baby Sparkle Ponies: Baby Nightsong

Family Friends and Family Babies: Baby Berrytown

Sweetie Babies: Baby Candy

Jewellary babies: Baby Pearl

Nurse Ponies: Nurse Kindheart

Surprise Newborn: Baby Cuddles

Playsets and Playset Ponies

Kiss Curl (without Grooming Parlour)
Peachy & Twinkles (without Pretty Parlour)
Showstable with Lemondrop & Brandy
Sprinkles (without waterfall)
Cascades (UK only) (without waterfall)
Dream Castle with Majesty & Spike
Lullabye Nursery with Baby Tiddlywinks
Baby Bonnet School of Dance with Baby Half-Note (non BBE)
Paradise Estate
Bed and Crib Set
Scoops (without Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe)
Fifi (without Perm Shop)
Poof & Puff Perfume Palace
Baby Cuddles (non BBE) (without buggy)
Baby Crumpet (without Purse)
Baby Sleepy Pie (without purse)

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