My Cats - Past and Present


This is a page dedicated to my cats, both current and those in the past.

The current furry family

We currently have three benevolent furry owners.

Fudge - A fluffy tortoiseshell and white. She joined our family in August 1998, aged 8 weeks.

Caramel - A shorthair tortoiseshell and white female. She is Fudge's sister, and also joined our family aged 8 weeks in August 1998.

Meg - A shorthair ginger female. She is Fudge and Caramel's mother. She joined our family in December 2000, aged 3.

Gone, but not forgotten

Toffee, a tortoiseshell and white cat with a black splodge on her nose. We sadly lost her on 15th November 2001. She had late onset diabetes, and a few days before her death, she must have had a heart attack. Her body couldn't cope with both, and all her vital organs shut down. As it was everything at once there was nothing the vet could do and the kindest thing was to put her to sleep.

George was my first pet after moving out of my parental home. We adopted him on 5th January 98. He has his own page. Unfortunately George has been missing since 30 September 98. There have been no sightings, and he hasn't turned up in any of the cat shelters.

Treacle was tabby/tortoiseshell and white, and appeared to be part Abyssinian which meant that she had tufts on her ears, a very slim, young looking face, long slim legs and a long slim tail. She was Toffee's sister. She was sadly killed on 5th October 1997, after being knocked down by a hit and run driver.

Before we had Toffee and Treacle, we had PC who was a stray from London. We only had her for about 6 months because she unfortunately had a cancer on her kidney and had to be put to sleep. She was black with white chest and paws and the vet estimated that she was at least 15 years old. She was very sweet and loved sitting on peoples laps.

To help keep their memories alive I have put them into an internet Garden of Remembrance for animals we have loved and lost.

Cat Information - Information about animal charities, and other useful cat stuff.

Feline Friends & Relatives - Piccies of friend's cats.

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