Who is Red???

Why Red? Well, to be honest there is no particular reason for this alias, other than it was a nickname given to me by a friend whilst at University, and it stuck. It's not because I support Manchester United, or for that matter because the wallpaper in my room used to be red (now it's cream, with green stripes). Neither is it because I have red hair, because I haven't...infact it's brown. I am nicknamed Red, just because.

Up until this point my aliases have always had some link or relationship to something I was interested in. Previously I have lurked under the guise of Imager, and Nala.

So what will my future aliases be based on? For now it is difficult to tell though I have thought of an alias which I may use in the future, but for now Red it is, and Red it will stay for the time being.

For a more detailed look at who I am, click here, to find out what I like, what I dislike, hobbies, ambitions, dreams and more besides.

One of my interests includes writing short stories. To see a selection of these, click here.

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Last Updated: 22/11/01

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