Locations for Doctor Who

A number of locations were used during 's era.

Spearhead from Space		BBC Training Centre, Wood Norton
				Guinness factory, Acton

The Silurians			Milford Chest Hospital, Milford, Surrey.
				Godalming, Surrey.
				Transmitter Station, Hog's Back, Surrey.

Ambassadors of Death		Wycombe RDC Sewage Purification Works, 
				Little Marlowe, Bucks.
				North Thames Gas Works, Southall.
				Spade Oak Quarries, Nr. Little Marlowe, Bucks.
				Marlow Wier, Mill Rd., Marlow.

Inferno				Berry Wiggins & Co., 
				Kingsnorth-on-the-Midway, Kent.

Terror of the Autons		Black Park Cottage, Fulmer, Bucks.
				Hodgmore Wood, Bucks.
				Robert Brothers Circus, Edmonton.

Mind of Evil			Dover Castle, Kent.

Claws of Axos			Dungeness Power Station, Kent.
				Dungeness Beach, Kent.

Colony in Space			The Old Baal Pit China Clay Quarry, Plymouth

The Daemons			Aldbourne, Wilts

Day of the Daleks		Harvey House, Green Dragon Lane, Brentford,
				Bull's Bridge, Hayes, Middlesex.

Sea Devils			HMS Reclaim.
				Norris Castle, Cowes, Isle of Wight.
				No Man's land Sea Fort, Solent.

Mutants				Chiselhurst Caves, Kent.
				Finsbury Caves, Stonehouse Farm, Kent.

Time Monster			Heckfield Heath, Nr. Reading.
				Old Church Farm, Hartley Wintney, Hants.

Three Doctors			YMCA/Ministry of Defence Hotel, Hayling Rd.
				Springwell Reservoir, Rickmansworth
				Summerfield Bungalow, Springwell Lane,
				Rickmansworth, Bucks.

Carnival of Monsters		Tillingham Marshes, Howe Farm.
				Naval Dockyard, Chatham.

Frontier in Space		Fullers Earth Works, Reigate, Surrey
				Royal Festival Hall, South bank, London.

Planet of the Daleks		Beachfields Quarry, La Porte Industries Ltd.
				Cormonger Lane, Redhill, Surrey

Green Death			Deri, Mid Glamorgan.
				Scotch factory, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glam.

The Time Warrior		Peckforton Castle, Taporley, Cheshire

Invasion of the Dinosaurs	Various, London.

Death to the Daleks		ARC Quarry, Binnegar Heath, Dorset

Planet of the Spiders		Mortimer Station, Strathfield Mortimer, Berks
				Tidmarsh Manor, Tidmarsh, Berks
				Membury Airfield, Wilts.

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