Locations for Doctor Who

A number of locations were used during William Hartnell's era. His era saw the first location shooting and the first overnight location shoot.

Reign of Terror		  White Plains, Tile House Lane, Denham, Bucks
			  Isle of Wight farm, Gerrards Cross, Bucks

Dalek Invasion of Earth   Westminster Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Victoria
			  Embankment, Royal Albert Hall, Albert Memorial
			  Whitehall: London.

The Chase		  Camber Sands, East Sussex.

Mythmakers		  Near Petersham, Surrey
			  Frensham Ponds, near Guildford, Surrey

The Massacre		  Wimbledon Common

The Gunfighters		  Virginia Waters, Surrey

The Savages		  Quarries near the Chalfonts, Bucks
			  Sandpit, near Sunningdale

War Machines		  Berner's Mews, Newman Passage, Fitzroy Square,
			  Charlotte Place and Bedford Square, Covent Gardens,
			  Kensington: London.

The Smugglers		  Sennen, Porthcurno, Helston, Breage Church, 
			  Ruan Minor Church and Church Cove, Cornwall.

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