Red's Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the quiz. In some cases explanation is given to explain the answer.

  1. Leaves from a bush
  2. A hornbill. He is Mufasa's majordomo.
  3. Fireflies stuck on that great big black thing.
  4. Sarafina
  5. Rythym of the Pridelands
  6. No worries
  7. True, assuming the two main criteria are 'fewest number of humans' and 'natural setting'. Robin Hood has no humans but takes place in a highly anthropomorphic (human) setting (as do Ducktales: The Movie and A Goofy Movie); Jungle Book is mostly natural setting but has a main character (Mowgli) who is human; Bambi takes places in a natural setting and we never actually see any humans, but we do see their gunshots, hunting dogs, untended campsites, and their influence on the behavior of the animals. The Lion King occurs in a natural setting and has no humans or evidence of them.
  8. Life's not fair is it?
  9. Be Prepared
  10. The surprise in the gully
  11. Hyena
  12. In the elephant graveyard chase scene, when Simba claws Shenzi's face
  13. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen, It's a small world after all, and I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
  14. Jeremy Irons
  15. Timon and Pumbaa
  16. Timon's hula skirt
  17. Zazu
  18. Scar
  19. The waterhole
  20. The elephants graveyard
  21. Taka
  22. Elton John
  23. Scar
  24. Ahadi
  25. Que pasa?

The answers to questions 21 and 24 come from Lion King comics published by Disney; some doubts have been raised about whether these should be regarded as "canon" by serious TLK fans (e.g. they give a rather unsatisfying explanation of the origin of Scar's scar) but these two names at least have been widely acccepted as "canon".

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