Jon Pertwee ... 1970-1974

Jon Pertwee was born on 7th July 1919. His career in showbiz spans over 40 years. He started out on the radio appearing in shows such as The Navy Lark as well as appearing in many films including Carry On Cleo and One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing.

He is best known for two of his TV roles, Worzel Gummidge and the Doctor. When he heard that Patrick Troughton was leaving the show he asked his agent to phone and say that he was interested in the part. When his agent rang up and said who he was and what he wanted there was a long silence. His agent apologised and said that he'd thought that Jon wasn't right for the part to be told that the reason for the silence was because Jon Pertwee was actually second on the shortlist after Ron Moody.

He got the part and took over as the new Doctor on the 3rd January 1970. It sparked a new era for Doctor Who as it was now broadcast in colour for the first time, and the stories were predominantly Earth based. For a list of the locations used for filming click here.

Jon Pertwee appeared in 24 stories as the Doctor accompanied by a number of assistants. If you would like to know the broadcast dates of these click here.

He has recorded two radio versions of Doctor Who and was a regular at Doctor Who conventions until his death on 20th May 1996.

There were a number of special guests during his spell as the Doctor.

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