Wholeweal Cottage

Dear Doctor,

I am sorry that I haven't written for some time, but Clifford and I have been away in Africa again. We just got back last weekend. We have managed to find a new fungi that we hope will prove to be a cure for flu. Of course we will have to test it alot before we know for sure.

I had a letter from Mike recently. He said that he's just got engaged to a nice girl called Felicity. He said that they've known each other for a while, but have only just realised how they feel about each other. I'm very pleased for him, and I hope he will be as happy as I am. He also said in his letter that Benton has been promoted to Brigadier, and is now in charge of UNIT. Incidently, I am sending this letter care of Benton because I think it has more chance of getting to you than if I just put TARDIS, The galaxy !

How is the Brigadier? Have you seen him recently since he retired? I keep meaning to come to see you all, but I have been very busy the last few years.

I almost forgot to tell you my big news. Clifford and I are going to be parents. Will you be one of the godparents when it's born? I would love you to, because I know you would do it well.

Anyway, I must go now as I have to go into the village to buy some bread. Hope to see you soon.

With Love,
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