Famous Guest Stars

During the Colin Baker era in Doctor Who there were a number of guest stars.

Actor/Actress              Story                Other TV roles

Sarah Green		(Attack of the Cybermen)  Saturday Superstore
						  Going Live

Jason Connery		(Vengeance on Varos)	Robin of Sherwood

Kate O'Mara		(Mark of the Rani)	Dynasty

Alexei Sayle		(Revelation of the	The Young Ones

William Gaunt		(Revelation of the	No Place Like Home
			 Daleks)		Next of Kin

Clive Swift		(Revelation of the	Pickwick Papers
			 Daleks)		Keeping Up Appearances
Jenny Tomasin		(Revelation of the 	Upstairs, Downstairs

Michael	Jayston		(Trial of a Timelord)	

Joan Sims		(Mysterious Planet)	Carry On films

Glen Murphy		(Mysterious Planet)	London's Burning

Brian Blessed		(Mindwarp)		Z-cars, 

Honor Blackman		(Terror of the Vervoids) Avengers
						 James Bond
						 The Upper Hand

Lynda Bellingham	(Trial of A Timelord)	Blakes 7

Jacqueline Pearce	(The Two Doctors)	Blakes 7

Paul Darrow		(Timelash)		Blakes 7

Eleanor Bron		(Revelation of the	

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