Famous Guest Stars

During the Tom Baker era in Doctor Who there were a number of guest stars.

Actor/Actress              Story                Other TV roles

John Cleese		(City of Death)		Fawlty Towers
						Monty Python's Flying Circus
						A Fish Called Wanda
Eleanor Bron		(City of Death)		
Geoffrey Bayldan	(Creature from the Pit) Casino Royale
						Worzel Gummidge
Kenneth Cope		(Warriors Gate)		Coronation St.
						Randall & Hopkirk Deceased
Brian Croucher		(Robots of Death)	Blakes 7
Michael Keating		(The Sunmakers)		Blakes 7
Julian Glover		(City of Death)		Quatermass & the Pit
						For your eyes only
						The Empire Strikes Back
Bernard Archard		(Pyramids of Mars)	Spycatcher
Wanda Ventham		(Image of the Fendahl)  The Avengers
						The Saint
						The Prisoner

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