Famous Guest Stars

During the Jon Pertwee era in Doctor Who there were a number of guest stars.

Actor/Actress              Story                Other TV roles

Hugh Burden		(Spearhead from Space)	  The Avengers
Fulton Mackay		(The Silurians)		  Porridge
Geoffrey Palmer		(The Silurians)		  As Time Goes By
			(The Mutants)		  Butterflies
Paul Darrow		(The Silurians)		  Blakes 7
Gareth Hunt		(Planet of Spiders)	  The New Avengers
Leslie Dwyer		(Carnival of Monsters)	  Hi-de-hi
Dave Prowse		(Time Monster)		  Star Wars
Jeremy Bulloch		(Time Warrior)		  The Empire Strikes Back
Tony Caunter		(Colony in Space)	  Blakes 7
Carmen Silvera		(Invasion of the 
			 Dinosaurs)		  'Allo 'Allo

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