Famous Guest Stars

During the William Hartnell era in Doctor Who there were a number of guest stars.

Actor/Actress              Story                Other TV roles

Alan Wheatley           (The Daleks)             The Avengers
Mark Eden               (Marco Polo)             Coronation Street
Julian Glover           (The Crusade)            Quatermass and the Pit
						 For Your Eyes Only
					 	 The Empire Strikes Back
						 Indiana Jones: Last Crusade
Jeremy Bulloch		(Space Museum)		 The Empire Strikes Back
Jean Marsh		(The Crusade)		 Upstairs Downstairs
Peter Butterworth	(Time Meddler)		 Carry On Films
			(Dalek Masterplan)       
Andre Morell		(The Massacre)		 Quatermass and the Pit
Michael Gough		(Celestial Toymaker)	 Blakes 7
						 The Avengers
                                                 Batman films
Tony Caunter		(The Crusade)		 Blakes 7
Carmen Silvera		(Celestial Toymaker)	 'Allo 'Allo

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