The Fudge Factfile

This is information about Fudge's likes and dislikes.

Fudge's Likes

Favourite cat food: Iams, Sheba foils and Whiskas sachets.
Favourite human food: Roast beef, cod and tuna.
Favourite toys: Rattly furry mouse and paper bags.
Favourite collar: Reflective with bell.
Favourite places to sleep: Cube bed, round bed or on Kate & Scott's bed with Caramel and Meg.
Favourite activities: Sitting on people's shoulders, having tummy stroked, being given attention, giving kitty kisses and headbutts.

Fudge's Dislikes

Least favourite cat food
: Felix duo tinned food.
Least favourite human food: ?
Least favourite toy: Sisal cube
Least favourite activities: Being put in box for travelling, being picked up, going out in the rain.
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