Fudge's Furballs

Fudge was born on 1st June 1998. She was the firstborn of the litter, and was at the time of birth the biggest kitten. Her mother is Meg, and her father is unknown. She has one sister, Caramel, and 3 brothers, Charlie, Barney and Chester.

Fudge is a tortoiseshell and white female cat. She has medium-length hair and she appears to have some Maine-Coon (possibly dad?) somewhere in her ancestry as she has wonderful bushy tail, soft shaggy coat, a ruff around her neck, tufty ears, and hair on the underside of her paws.

She is very chatty, and has a great range of sounds. She chirrups rather than miaows. She is very affectionate and likes nothing better than to drape herself around Scott's shoulders. She is very laid back and will lie upside down in your arms, not holding on, trusting you not to drop her.

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